HOLLYWOOD—Well, well, it looks like Jesus and his self-righteous attitude is about to put the Alexandrians, The Hilltop and The Kingdom in grave danger, as the latest episode of “The Walking Dead” examined the ramifications of trusting the enemy too closely.

‘Monsters’ saw Rick catching up with an old face from the past, Morales, who made threats, a former ally who has now become a Savior because he’s lost everything that mattered to him. For a second, I thought Morales was about to turn a new leaf when Rick shared that tale about Glen’s gruesome demise at the hands of Negan. Morales was dedicated to Negan and his cause, no matter how much Rick hoped their past bond would reunite them. Lucky for Rick, Daryl came to his rescue, and we saw a bit of remorse from our fearless leader, as more Saviors dawned upon them.

Morgan’s last blood was boiling dealing with that Savior that was responsible for the murder of a dear friend, however, a melee of walkers led to chaos, as a group of Saviors decided to make a run for it, while entangled on a rope. As Morgan attempted to make a statement, Jesus interrupted causing Morgan to deliver a rousing speech about death needing to be the result to ensure no more bloodshed transpires, and the duo engaged in battle.

King Ezekiel led Carol and other members of The Kingdom in their ongoing battle to neutralize the Saviors, while instilling hope. On the other hand, Daryl and Rick found themselves fighting for their lives as the Saviors descended up them. Hmm, it might have been smart to not worry too much about those guns, and more about your safety.

Like I said last week, Jesus is a pro when it comes to fighting and continued to gain the upper hand against Morgan who fought valiantly, but that stick can only do so much. Aaron and the others came to Rick and Daryl’s aid, just as Morgan finally accepted defeat from his ally, but not before separating from the gang. Cue the fireworks America.

Gregory came to The Hilltop asking for sanctuary, just as Maggie questioned his sudden appearance and the fact that he was in possession of Father Gabriel’s vehicle. Maggie was furious and rightly so; the guy is a traitor and should not be trusted in any fashion. He’d sell his soul to the Devil if it meant he survived and everyone else died. After constant pandering, Maggie decided to give Gregory a second shot, but I think that is a mistake that will end horribly. Now, for the first time ever, I’m in agreement with Gregory by NOT allowing the Saviors to station at The Hilltop.

Aaron was forced to face a harsh truth when he was unable to locate Eric, who unfortunately has transformed into a walker. However, he was pleased to have a bit of redemption when he begged Rick to allow him to take baby Gracie back to the Hilltop to be with Maggie. Hmm, the baby has been rescued, but I don’t think the Hilltop is the best place for them to be right now.

Rick and Daryl found themselves ambushed, but found a way to gain the upper-hand, but Daryl shot the guy dead in his tracks without any mercy. Brutal to say the least people! The final moments of the episode witnessed Ezekiel rejoicing that not a single person lost their life, just as Carol decided to sweep the compound as gunfire erupted.

So for the past two three episodes, the protagonists had the upper hand, and now it looks like the tide is turning. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!