HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode, before the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead.” This week’s episode, ‘Promises Broken’ saw a culmination of events that are leading up to what is certain to be an explosive end to 2021 for the series. Negan and Maggie were at each other’s throats yet again, as Gabriel and Elijah attempted to play mediator. Does Negan really think Maggie is supposed to act joyful after this guy murdered her husband, Glenn in cold blood? The nerve of some people America.

Eugene, Ezekiel, Princess and Stephanie were busy dispatching of walkers at the Commonwealth. Not truly sure what the purpose of this is, but maybe a sign of good faith? Daryl was busy still trying to integrate himself with Leah and the Reapers. So you’re telling me Negan has Maggie and the crew dressed as Whisperers to try to navigate thru the many walkers. Damn this is just crazy!

Gabriel stumbled upon another religious figure and he was determined to build a bond with this individual. Damn, the Commonwealth is a thriving community. Yumiko was busy preparing for a big position, while she did all in her power to convince her brother its ok to return to their old life. He was adamant that no one can know that he used to be a doctor, hmm, why does he not want that secret out in the open? While conversing with his sister, he found himself taken away.  Yumiko discovered that she was being used as a bargaining chip to help her friends and to help her brother. She did not like that a single bit people.

Maggie did not like the fact that Negan was right and it forced her to swallow her pride a bit in the process people. Leah doesn’t talk much does she? Daryl and Leah stumbled upon a human who was begging for mercy. Leah was busy radioing back to base, who wanted the threat taken out, but Daryl not so much. We’re 45 minutes into the episode, and I’m sorry, but this has been a complete bore. I expected a lot more for a penultimate episode people.

Negan attempted to atone for his sins, and he admitted some wrongdoing, but it came with a caveat: he would have wiped out all of our protagonists. Yeah, Negan I think you just gave Maggie the ammunition she needed to take you out. Something tells me Negan is going to meet his maker before the series ends which I already expected, but it might be sooner than later. Stephanie and Eugene were forced to fend off a horde of walkers that seemed to infiltrate the Commonwealth and for once, Eugene was fearless in dispatching the wicked. Something tells me that Stephanie is the reason.

Stephanie and Eugene stumbled upon some great titan, but the audience kept getting cliffhangers as to WHO this tool of a guy is. We know he’s important, but just give us the Intel already. A horde of walkers were being led to a place unknown, just as Leah and Daryl found themselves looking to gather more information on the stranger they ran into the woods about. Leah showed a bit of compassion as she saw this man’s wife in dire need of medical attention.

Daryl was ready to make a confession to Leah, but that was interrupted, just as they dispatched that woman from her misery. So Negan and Maggie were leading this horde of walkers, when Elijah spotted his sister; she had become a walker. It led to a shocking moment, one where Maggie was forced to hold her pals hand to ensure he didn’t put their lives at risk. Oh, this looks like a two-part mid-season finale, so plenty of surprises are coming people, where the horde of walkers might be heading towards the Reapers, just as Alexandria is under attack and we see the return of Michonne people!