HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of “The Walking Dead” before the climatic season 7 finale next week. This week’s episode, ‘Something They Need,’ picked up with the ramifications of where last week’s episode ended when Sasha stormed inside the Sanctuary to rescue Rosita.

Sasha was being held captive in that room where Daryl was being kept, and came face-to-face with David, who was indeed a pervert to say the least. Negan walked in on David’s antics and he was none too pleased to say the least, and he stabbed his knife through David’s throat for attempting to assault Sasha. Brutal to say the least, but I think Sasha should be thanking Negan this time around. Loving this banter between Sasha and Negan! He offered her a position that was tempting, but this is Negan people; the guy is crazy to say the least.

I knew it was only a matter of time before Tara’s time near the beachfront would come into fruition. Rick, Tara, Michonne, Carl, Anid, Aaron, Jesus, Daryl and the rest of the crew ventured into a territory where they could be opening a door to a new war. Back at The Hilltop, it became clear that Maggie was the leader the community needed, which did not sit well with Gregory.

Eugene stopped to visit Sasha to plead his cowardly excuse; jeez this guy is such a tool and it frustrates me that so many others have died, while this guy who has done NOTHING and has survived. Things got tense as it became clear David was turning into a walker and Sasha would have to kill or be killed. Gregory attempted a peace offering with Maggie, but his intent was nefarious people.

However, when a walker dawned on them Gregory was forced to showcase his killing ability, but just like Eugene his inability to fight left him near death, cue Maggie to the rescue. Hmm, maybe his desire to kill Maggie has now shifted considering she saved his life. Tara pulled a gun on an old ally requesting her assistance in their battle to go to war with Negan.

Cindy was not pleased to see Tara back at their camp, and when she made it clear that they needed weaponry to take out the Saviors, Tawny and Cindy were not pleased. However, there are way too many kids at this camp for them to go to war. Cindy attempted to reason with her grandmother who was not interested in listening. Rick and the others led an attack, unaware that igniting a second war is never a good idea to say the least, and Tara found herself on the wrong end of an attack. Rick and Tawny had a tense conversation, where the notion of going after the Saviors became tempting.

However, a walker invasion halted the tense conversation, where everyone had to go into defense mode to take out a massive horde of walkers headed in their direction. While this moment bonded the two camps, Tawny was still dead-set on not FIGHTING THE SAVIORS out of fear of more loss. Back at the Sanctuary, Negan was not surprised to see that Sasha utilized that knife to free herself and to take out walker David.

Is she really going to take Negan up on his offer? Sasha begged Eugene to help her take her life to prevent Negan from using her as leverage against Rick and the others. Man that conversation was emotional and a game-changer to say the least. Wow, Sasha delivered one hell of performance that had Eugene as putty in her hands.

Just as I expected, Gregory was up to his old duplicitous ways to utilize one of Negan’s minions to take care of what he considers a ‘problem,’ in Maggie. So Rick accomplished what he planned to do; taking all the weaponry of a community leaving them defenseless to say the least. The final moments of the episode were indeed thrilling to say the least, as Eugene finally did something of value, he provided Sasha with a pill that would lead to her death, not the weapon she desired. I swear if Eugene were to bite it during the season 7 finale, it would be a long-time coming to say the least people!

Rick and the others arrived back to Alexandria with weaponry in hands, but Rosita delivered some bad news to the gang on the whereabouts of Sasha, but at the same time, she managed to capture DWIGHT! Whoa, now this is a game-changer people, because Daryl was furious, and to see Dwight ready to take on the guy who burned his face and took his wife is pure war people.

Ugh, things are tense people and I CANNOT wait to see the blood and mayhem that is unleashed during a season finale where fans already know people will die, probably fan favorites. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!