HOLLYWOOD—Last week Negan came up with what I would call a genius idea (utilizing walker blood and guts to infect the enemy). However, as the journey to go to all-out-war with Rick and the others would not prove to be as easy as possible. This week’s episode, ‘The Key’ opened with extreme close-ups of the faces of Negan, Dwight and Simon, where I’m led to believe some foreshadowing may be in play. Negan was happy to see Dwight back at camp, but its apparent Negan might have some skepticism about one of his front man.

Ugh, watching those scenes of the walker’s guts and blood pouring out was a difficult scene to watch to say the least. I mean I’ve seen graphic violence, but even that was too much for my eyes America. Dwight, oh Dwight, you are indeed in a precarious situation, so what are you going to do. Simon seems to be the second in command at The Sanctuary, but Dwight is doing all in his power to tackle his own mission. Hmm, I think that is because he wants to warn Rick and the others of the impending danger headed their way.

Rick and Michonne reunited with the others back at The Hilltop, where not many words were spoken as the grief of Carl’s demise is still very fresh on everyone’s mind. Daryl pleaded his case to Rick about his prior actions, and it seems the two pals have come to a truce, but what hasn’t changed: they want Negan dead! From a distance, Maggie spotted something that raised her concern (it was not that clear for the viewers if you ask me). Rosita, Maggie, Enid and Michonne realized someone wanted to reach out to them, but only if they were to give them something in return. I’m intrigued people.

Simon as I previewed weeks ago is constantly questioning Negan’s motives. He doubted this plan would scare Rick and the others to cowering back to the Saviors and their demands. Isn’t this a revelation! Simon seems scared and I loved seeing his inner turmoil unleashed. Rick spotted the Saviors and company headed towards the Hilltop, and was ready to sound the horn, but seeing Negan caused him to see red. Rick was out for blood!

Now this is what you call some TV action, as Rick rammed directly into Negan’s vehicle, leaving Simon, Dwight and Negan on edge. Simon seems to be keen on taking over Negan’s reign of terror, but he has a point about not dividing the group. Well, Rick seemed to get his revenge, tumbling Negan’s car, and unleashing massive firepower on his enemy, just as walkers dawned into the region. The two engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse, just as walkers dawned upon them.

Interesting, Rick managed to gain the upper hand on Negan who took a massive fall. Michonne, Maggie and Enid came face-to-face with Georgie, who was requesting food and music. Also joining the party was Rosita, as Georgie has knowledge that she wants to divulge, but only if her crates are filled with her requests. Just what the hell does this woman know? Michonne wanted to take the deal, but Maggie was against it, so she decided to take Georgie and her pals back to The Hilltop.

Rick continued his pursuit of Negan in the darkness, just as the villain continued to run his mouth nonstop. The conversation got interesting when Rick divulged to Negan that Jaydis’ community was wiped out. Wow, Negan just discovered he was betrayed by Simon who didn’t follow his requests, I wonder what he will do with that information!? Have to say it was fun to see Rick in possession of Lucille. Simon is speaking a bit of truth, which is refreshing; however, things became serious when Simon and Dwight stumbled upon Negan’s destroyed car.

The looks on both Dwight and Simon’s face when they discover that Negan is very much alive will be priceless America. I loved watching Enid attempt to step to Michonne who easily showed the little girl not to step to a boss. Michonne spoke some truth that FINALLY resonated with Maggie about their ‘newfound friends.’ When Negan realized that Rick was in possession of Lucille, he flipped out, as another battle between the foes ensued. Maggie agreed to the deal to hand over music in order to receive knowledge. In return Georgie delivered Maggie a book of documents to help rebuild society in the midst of an apocalypse, in addition to food. Here I am thinking this lady had key information to help our survivors defeat Negan and his crew.

This reckless talk from Enid has me thinking that her day will soon be up. Gosh, I hate that I feel like I’m becoming an editor more and more each day. It’s like the editing is giving me clues that I refuse to acknowledge. Simon shared ‘fake news’ with the Saviors, who roared with the idea of no longer scaring Rick and the others, but to dismantle them the same way he did to Jaydis and her clan. Those final moments of the episode, were absolutely a stunner to say the least. Why? Negan wasn’t dead of course, he was in the possession of Jaydis who was NOT happy to say the least, cause she had a gun to his head! The war kicks off next week on “The Walking Dead” America!