HOLLYWOOD—I am ecstatic after waiting nearly what seemed like years, the bomb has dropped on “General Hospital” about Sasha Gilmore not being Nina Reeves real daughter. Of course the big reveal transpired at Nina and Valentin’s nuptials, where Lulu, unable to stay quiet, blurted out the truth. Nina was ambivalent to the deception, as were Liesl and Valentin who feigned ignorance. That was until Sasha confessed the truth. She could no longer participate in the charade and confessed the dirty truth.

Nina was livid and at least we finally got to see Emmy winner Cynthia Watros showcase her acting talent in a rage-fueled and emotional performance that I was living for. At first, I missed Michelle Stafford in the role, but now I’m all about Watros. She has truly made the character her own and I love it. The wedding exploded, Valentin unleashed his rage on Lulu and all hell broke loose.

However, as I pinpointed weeks ago, Jax was Nina’s knight in shining armor as he allowed her to crash at his place and showed solidarity as Nina paid Valentin a visit to claim her belongings at Wyndemere. How Valentin expected Nina NOT to think he was culpable in the scheme baffles me. Like Nina said, Sasha is smart, but she’s not that smart, and the love affair between these two might truly be over. Liesl and Valentin are both planning to leave for London, but the codicil and the rightful heir to the Cassadine fortune has not yet been revealed. Laura and Kevin discovered a portrait of Helena that may be key to the truth, but Valentin decided to toss that painting outside the mansion to Laura’s horror. Their might be a drawback, but Hayden and Curtis are still working to nail Valentin.

This is setting up an interesting battle, where I expect audiences will be delivered a massive bomb for November sweeps with this tale. Valentin can be vicious when his back is pushed against the wall, and right now, he’s lost the love of his life, and if he does indeed lose the Cassadine fortune, expect people to pay the price. I haven’t talked about this because it wasn’t major news to me, but Sonny and Carly gave birth to a baby girl, Donna, so all is well on that front. However, Julian’s dark side is emerging again as Brad continues to make threats.

Brad you stole a baby and decided to raise it as your own, not Julian. With Nelle pulling at Brad, Lucas realizing his hubby is keeping a secret and Willow getting closer to Wiley by the minute, the writing is on the wall that the truth about Wiley should (fingers crossed) be exposed by November sweeps. I cannot wait to see the aftermath of this chaos on the small screen. I mean Brad has spiraled so much, he appeared at Nelle’s parole hearing that led to Michael unleashing his fury on Brad. Brad is making questionable choices which is only raising the blinders more and more. That is not the biggest excitement America; it all is in the hands of Peter August.

I know why Peter is doing what he is doing, but why he has decided to make Sam McCall his target of all people I have no idea. He knows Jason is fiercely loyal to Sam and will do anything to protect her and avenge anyone who threatens her life. Sam looked like she was in the clear until the FBI arrived to claim that Shiloh’s murder occurred in international waters. On top of that, Peter has convinced his lackey to point the finger at Sam helping Shiloh escape so she can murder him. While it makes sense, it doesn’t, but I can see how the authorities can see plausible cause for Sam to want to murder Shiloh. So now Sam has been carted off to Pentonville, and Jason is more determined than ever to nail Peter for his duplicity.

Maxie continued to profess her love to Peter, and when the secret about his ties to Shiloh, Helena, Drew, Jason and this latest mess comes to fruition lives will be forever changed. I cannot wait to see how this story plays out America! Peter deserves his reckoning, so does Valentin and so does Brad, we’re about to finally get what we’ve been begging for.

On a side note, Nina is an idiot. You know in your gut Valentin cooked up this scheme with Sasha, and you’re taking him back because he feigned ignorance. At this point she deserves all the heartbreak in the world that is coming her way, and after having Sasha arrested, Michael acting like her knight in shining armor, Sasha would be stupid to continue to cover for Valentin. Let him burn.