BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Police Department are warning residents that they have seen an increase in email scams and cyberattacks recently. As a result, the BHPD is providing the following tips below as a precaution for all remember to stay alert and informed:

-Do not provide personal information (e.g., social security number or birthdate) if asked.

-Do not install or download any programs. These programs allow the scammer to take control of your device, giving them access to your personal information and the ability to track your movements on your computer.

-Be cautious of mimicked email addresses. Some emails may mimic well-known companies or even people you may know. Report the email to the company or contact that person you know directly.

-If you are asked to call a phone number, check the vendor’s official website to confirm.

-Avoid clicking the links in the email. Instead, head directly to the vendor’s website using your browser or by using their official app on your electronic device.

-Look out for any misspellings, incorrect grammar, and punctuation in the body of the email, email addresses, and domain names.

-Use strong passwords and two-factor authentication whenever possible.