HOLLYWOOD─I have been waiting for this confession to transpire, and I thought we might be waiting till May Sweeps before the truth unfolded, but not on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Steffy found herself being eaten alive by her role in that staged kiss courtesy of Thomas Forrester. Steffy overheard Thomas pushing up his wedding to Hope and discovered her brother was up to no good. She called Thomas out on his antics, which he did not deny.

Thomas’ behavior just confirmed for Steffy that her brother is obsessed with Hope more than ever. Liam pushed valiantly to get Hope to see what Thomas is up to with his quickie wedding to Zoe. However, we got fireworks when Steffy confessed the truth about that kiss to Liam first, before revealing the truth to a baffled Hope. Yes, Hope, Liam has always loved you and will always love you no matter what. So Thomas’ charade has been exposed, but little did Thomas know behind the scenes his downfall was being planned.

Yes, Thomas was still using Douglas to push Hope to get him to marry him over Zoe. Too bad it didn’t work and making things climatic was the big wedding day where all was exposed to Thomas’ chagrin. That fallout will play out more in the coming week, just as Zoe gives Thomas a taste of her mind, and he grapples with the notion that Liam and Hope have reunited and not they just usurped his wedding with their own. Looks like you have to eat your words of Thomas being reformed Ridge.

The other bomb was a Brooke and Bill kiss. Really are we doing round three of Bill and Brooke scheming behind Katie’s back? I really don’t want to see this; it feels like the Liam, Steffy and Hope love triangle all over again.

I don’t know how this will play out, but I know Katie will be bewildered, Ridge will be stumped, but Quinn will be ecstatic because it allows her pal Shauna to move in on Ridge. Let’s be honest Ridge did kiss Shauna, and if Bill was single I would be ok with this development, but he’s not. The question lingers what will Bill and Brooke do to ensure their secret smooch is not uncovered? I sense the real Dollar Bill is about to return in his true form and if waves are made you better expect hell to be paid for it. Brooke and Bill have vowed to keep their kiss a secret, but too bad someone was spying from outside the cabin when they smooched. The question we all want to know is: WHO?

The only other tale worth slightly noting is Wyatt’s plan of ensuring that he makes Sally’s final days her best, by having her move in with him. Wyatt does realize he’s playing with fire here right? I mean what happens if Sally asks him to make love to her? You’re supposed to be loyal to Flo, and how would you explain that to Flo, but also explain to Sally why you wouldn’t. I know Wyatt thinks he’s doing what’s right, but he is deceiving Sally, which is the worst of all, and I suspect Sally is going to have a miracle that spares her life, and I cannot wait to see how this plays out.