HOLLYWOOD—Last week the craziness surrounded the wild wedding and kidnapping from hell on “General Hospital,” this week we transition to the fallout from Sharon’s lies, Phyllis uncovering Jack’s secret and Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) making his return to Genoa City. Oh yes, there is plenty happening in the world of “Y&R” that is sure to leave the fans talking.

Phyllis swooped back into town with an agenda in hand and she sure accomplished it; ending the nuptials between Nick and Sharon, revealing the news that Summer is actually Nick’s daughter, not Jack’s, but little did she expect Jack to be canoodling with Kelly without her knowing. See that’s the thing Phyllis never seems to learn. If you dish it, you better be able to take it.

Jack’s world has literally been rocked once again, as soon as he learns about having a daughter; he discovers that his daughter is no longer his. Pressure has continued to loom about rather his heart belongs to Kelly or Phyllis. Yes, Kelly and Jack look great together, but let’s face it Phyllis will always have a major portion of Jack’s heart no matter what, but what will she do if Jack does choose his new lady instead of the past one?

Sharon has become public enemy #1 once again for her twisted scheme, but I’d argue it’s just a bit of time before she is able to make amends with those who she has wronged. Its possible Nick might not ever forgive his one true love for her latest stunt though.

Worlds are about to get rocked with Adam Newman fighting to make his return to Genoa City. There is just one small problem, Adam killed Delia, but with the revelation that he has a new face, how will that mystery unfold for those who despise him the most? Chelsea is getting closer to Billy, which means the loose-canon Abbott will be out for blood if he discovers that Adam is very much alive and rumbling around town.

Chelsea is now aware that someone has been watching her and Connor, so it shouldn’t take much for her to figure out who that individual might be.

Avery is dealing with the fallout of cheating on her husband Joe, with Dylan. It appears Joe has more reasons to be in town than what he is willing to reveal and just when you thought Collin couldn’t become more mischievous he has the goods on Devon and Hilary to get what he wants.

So how long before Collin blows the whistle to Lily or Neil about the relationship that everyone knows except for them. With all this culminating, Victoria found herself in dire straits as the big secret about Ben came to light. Ben didn’t kill his father, his mother Maureen did! I wonder why he’d keep a secret that big from his sister, and what does he get out of doing it. To make matters worse, Victoria is in labor and locked in a closet. Will anyone get to her before its too late!

“The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays at 12:30 p.m. on CBS.