WEST HOLLYWOOD- On Monday, December 21, the West Hollywood City Council unanimously approved an Urgency Ordinance that requires grocery stores to have a dedicated person posted at entrances to enforce COVID-19 regulations.

Urgency Ordinance 20-1129U goes into effect immediately to ensure grocery stores enforce COVID-19 requirements such as social distancing, face coverings, and occupancy limits during operation. The Ordinance will remain in effect until the local state of emergency or the statewide emergency is lifted, whichever date is later. Although the current Los Angeles County Health Officer Order permits grocery stores to have a dedicated employee at an entrance to monitor compliance to COVID-19 occupancy, it is not a requirement at this time.

“The Urgency Ordinance does not apply to grocery stores whose principal business is to provide delivery services or curbside pickup and whose ancillary use is in-person shopping. In addition, the Urgency Ordinance excludes convenience stores (generally defined as retail stores of 3,500 square feet or less, which primarily carry prepackaged food and beverage products) where a cashier or register is within close proximity to the front entrance allowing an employee the ability to control that entrance,” the City said in an official statement.

Grocery and convenience stores that are exempt from the Urgency Ordinance are still required to follow the County Health Officer Order.