HOLLYWOOD—I am going to call it right now the soap of year award goes to ABC’s “General Hospital.” I don’t know what happened, but since its return from the pandemic things have been explosive. We finally found out the link between Florence Grey, Martin Grey, Cyrus and Laura. Florence is Martin and Cyrus’ mother, and Laura is their half-sister. I always expected that, but this bomb proves it more now than ever. Why? Laura has siblings people and most notable her bond with Martin seems charming dare I say the least, but something tells me there has to be more going on with this tale. Something just is not adding up for me.

Laura came face-to-face with Florence where the truth came out courtesy of Martin, before Cyrus entered and all hell seemed to break loose. We know that Cyrus is a tortured soul people who is just wanting the love of his mother. With that said, we learned that Cyrus was responsible for the death of her father Gordon. Yes, Cyrus killed his father, while he argues it was an accident, his mother and brother don’t seem to believe in that. Cyrus issued threats to Laura to back-off, but she seems more determined now to bring her BROTHER down. Remember he is responsible for his niece Lulu being in a coma people.

All this family drama, culminated with Julian Jerome finally meeting his fate. Yes, I thought it would be Cyrus to take him out, but nope it was Sonny Corinthos of all people. A shootout that soon turned to a chase that ended on an epic climax where Julian played dead only to find himself being shot and falling into the water. However, that was just the beginning because that draw bridge collapsed and Sonny fell into the water also.

Did not expect that as a viewer, and now the question remains is Sonny alive or dead? We know he’s not dead because the body discovered by the authorities belonged to Julian. So it’s just a matter of time before Ava learns her brother is dead and I wonder how she will react to losing another family member. I would say its karma because Julian is responsible for Connie’s death and now Sonny has finally returned the favor people. Jason was forced to break some agonizing news to Carly who knew something was wrong when Jason showed up to her doorstep. Where is Sonny? What condition will he be in when he’s found? Time will tell America.

The narrative that I am most passionate to see explode is Peter August’s downfall. Peter is on cloud nine after learning that Maxie is having a little girl. He’s not worried about his son being just like him and his father, but little does he know his daughter might have markers from his real mother Alex not Anna. Yes, Anna and Valentin are still hiding that big secret from Peter, just as Anna realized Dante is very guarded around her. She suspects he’s not fine and she is right, but with his doctor now dead, thanks to Scott and Liesl of all people it changes everything.

Dante still has a mission to complete, and with that said Anna has informed Valentin that Dante may be on a secret mission for the WSB which means this double wedding looming I see the truth coming out sooner than later people. Anna you really should be worried about Dante and the secrets that you are keeping because the truth is about to come your way and when it explodes all hell will be breaking loose.

Speaking of truths, Finn told Anna the real reason he did not attend his father’s wedding: he slept with his father’s wife, Jackie. Yeah, Anna was speechless when Finn revealed that tidbit. So the question that now remains is will he tell his father and Chase the truth. I already speculated this, but it seems that Finn might be Chase’s father. I did not think the writers were heading in this direction, but since the tidbit has been dropped, it seems like there might be more truth to the notion now than ever before.

With that said, Liesl is working closely with Franco and Scott with his memory repression, especially after learning from her former pal that the voices he continues to hear include Drew, but Peter at the forefront. This only intensified Liesl’s goal to really take down the guy who framed her for a crime that she never committed so this is going to totally push this narrative in a direction that no one ever expected. To make things more interesting is the fact that Liesl is headed back to Port Charles and let’s just say a few people will be surprised to come face-to-face with this woman.

I hate to say this, but I am looking forward to Peter’s downfall because he has gotten away with way too much and we all know the chickens will always come home to roost at some point and it seems like the first few weeks of 2021 will culminate with that big reveal.