WEST HOLLYWOOD—During the West Hollywood City Council meeting on Monday, August 17, members will discuss an ordinance to increase their wages as city councilmembers.

Council members are payed $1,237 per month, and are discussing an increase to $1,422 per month. This change would lead to a new annual base salary of $17,064 per year per council member.

Members also receive $250 a month for telephone, internet, office, and transportation expenses. With that addition, the annual compensation for each city councilmember is $20,064.

If approved, the increase in compensation would become effective after the November 2020 election.

California law allows the compensation of the City Council to be adjusted based on the City’s population. It can be adjusted up to 5 percent each calendar year. The last time the compensation of the West Hollywood City Council was adjusted was in December 2015.

Community members can watch Monday’s City Council meeting online at www.weho.org/wehotv.

To participate by providing a public comment by telephone, email City Clerk Yvonne Quarker at yquarker@weho.org no later than 4 p.m. on August 17, including a name, the phone number that will be used to make a comment, and which Agenda Item the comment will be on (this topic is Item 6).