UNITED STATES—For most companies selling CBD products, white labeling is a powerful and effective way to secure their brands for long-term success in the industry.

Companies like GVB Biopharma produce white label CBD tinctures formulations that are then customized and sold by multiple sellers and brand names as their own.

Because the formulation is not patented to a specific brand, white-label CBD tinctures are relatively cheaper than other options on the market.

White Label CBD Tinctures vs. Private Label CBD Tinctures

Unlike white label CBD tinctures that other companies can rebrand and sell as their own, private label CBD tinctures are formulations designed and manufactured specifically for your brand. A private label CBD tincture cannot be sold by any other company except yours.

The formulation of a private label CBD tincture is custom-made to your unique specifications and sold exclusively under your brand name. Because this formulation is proprietary and patented to a specific brand, using private label CBD tinctures is more expensive than using white label CBD tinctures.

The Advantages Of Using White Label CBD Tinctures

As CBD tinctures continue to win the hearts of many consumers, more investors are willing to get into the industry and build their own CBD tincture brands. However, the capital required to get started is sky-high. That’s where white label CBD tinctures come in.

You can think of white label CBD tinctures as the simplest way of cutting the long way short. In that, you can still bring your premium tinctures to the CBD market, but without the hassle of obtaining manufacturing licenses or the expenses of the production process.

Below are other advantages of using white label CBD tinctures:

  • You Do Not Need A Manufacturer’s License

Creating CBD tinctures from scratch at your private manufacturing facility demands that you have a manufacturer’s license. A CBD manufacturing license ensures that you comply with the laws and regulations regarding the production of healthy, helpful, and safe CBD tinctures.

Obtaining a manufacturer’s license is very complicated, requiring a lot of tiring paperwork, time, and money. But you don’t need to go through all that if you’re using white label CBD products.

  • Saves You Time

Obtaining a manufacturer’s license is just the first piece of the puzzle. You still need to work tirelessly to create a proprietary formula for your CBD tinctures. This process can be extremely time-consuming, and you’ll also have to invest massive resources.

Besides, you’ll need a team of experienced experts to source your ingredients and test the products to ensure they are safe and potent for consumers. Using white label CBD tinctures saves you this expensive and time-consuming process.

  • You Get Top-Shelf CBD Tinctures

Buying your CBD tinctures from a reliable and trustworthy white label company ensures that you only get top-quality products. Reputable companies know that brands won’t come back to buy substandard or poor-quality products. Therefore companies like GVB Biopharma ensure rigorous quality and potency testing, so you won’t have to worry about the quality of your tinctures.