HOLLYWOOD—Well I knew this was a mystery that would soon come into play on “General Hospital.” The truth about Peter August’s ‘demise’ at the hands of Finn and Elizabeth has come home to roost. How so? Finn spilled all to Anna about his role in Peter’s death, while Liz confessed all to Jason about Peter’s death. So it all became a mission as to who would get to that freezer in the basement first, Anna or Jason? Jason got their first, but surprise there was NO BODY people!

To say I’m surprised would be an understatement because I knew I absolutely knew this is where the writers were going. So now the major question arises? Is Peter August alive? If so where is he? Now, here’s the twist, if he is dead, then who moved the body and why? I think that second portion is a bit more interesting if indeed true, which at this point, I am hoping to be the case for fun times America. Things got complicated when Jordan and Dante found blood by the freezer making it an official crime scene. I guess Liz and Finn are off the hook for murder if Peter isn’t actually dead, which seems to be the direction the writers are headed. This is looking good people.

In other mystery news, Sam and Shawn are working hard to discover Hayden’s shooter. If they just look closer the person has been in their orbit all along: Nikolas Cassadine. Nikolas is indeed in panic mode because he knows Sam is a good private investigator and it is just a matter of time before her and Shawn discover what transpired. However, will it put them in danger because we know when the walls start to close in on Nikolas he makes drastic moves people. Hell, even Liz thinks Nikolas is guilty even though he has pleaded his innocence. The big question is with all this Hayden news, it seems promising that Liz’s sister, Violet’s mother and Finn’s former love, Hayden Barnes could make a return to Port Charles heh? I sure hope so because that would be a ton of fun to see.

There is more drama to talk about particularly the love triangle involving Jordan, Curtis and Portia. Look, I will be honest I’m rooting for Jordan and Curtis. They are good together, and worked so long to get to this point and to have Portia come in and ruin that marriage just sucks. Glad Stella decided to take those signed divorce papers from Jordan to help her see that she needs to fight for her marriage; she can’t just give up this easy. The audience knows Portia cheated on Marcus with Curtis earlier in their marriage, however, that is a secret that Trina did not know, until this week when Stella and Portia had a tense confrontation.

Trina has other worries as she continues to suspect Spencer whose lies continue to get tangled people. I truly don’t understand Spencer antics because it is so obvious if someone would just look they could connect the dots to Spencer being Ava’s stalker. My concern is how Ava will react once she finds out. She might be damn vengeful and Nikolas would have to choose between his lover or son. I wonder who he would choose. This is all seeming to play with the recent reveal that Ryan Chamberlain is in the same facility as Alexis. Yeah, Ryan does not look as incapacitated as the medical professionals teased, so this could be fun.

Something is screaming that Ryan Chamberlain is about to strike again just as the truth about Spencer being the ‘stalker’ comes to light. So what turned out as medial fun is about to become a full-blown threat I think as we inch towards November Sweeps. Michael and Willow continue to dance around their relationship, as Chase slowly makes progress to walk again. However, he is keeping that mum from Willow, but Austin spied him from a distance. I really don’t understand Austin Quartermaine. The guy has more motives in play; they just haven’t risen to the surface just yet, but something sinister seems to be brewing people. Look at his relationship with Chase where he exposed that Michael and Willow are sleeping together.

Chase knows, Austin is pushing buttons and it seems the audience may FINALLY see Chase embrace a dark side which could be absolute fun people. However, something tells me Austin really has it out for Michael. I don’t quite know why yet, but I’m sure that will be revealed very soon people.

Carly and Jason are still planning for a wedding that I’m certain will lead to the big reveal that Sonny is alive as it seems people are inching closer and closer to discovering Nina has been keeping a whopper of a secret about Sonny being alive and his whereabouts. I have no clue what Nina is thinking that all will go well with this secret, because when it blows up Carly is going to be after her in wicked ways that she cannot imagine. Making matters worse will be the fact that it appears Valentin might be the person to expose the Sonny is alive bomb, but will he stay silent for Nina’s sake?