UNITED STATES—The White House and the U.S. Capitol were closed Thursday, March 4, due to reported threats of violence from a March 4 press release that noted U.S. Capitol Police were alerted of threats to members of Congress via an identified militia group.

House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer of Maryland warned fellow lawmakers on March 3 of the possibility of another attack at the U.S. Capitol on March 4. The House of Representatives worked into the evening March 3 to finish work.  Thursday’s House session was canceled as a result of the threats.

The House met regarding the George Floyd case, discussing the possibility of defunding the police before shutting down for the day due to the alleged threat of violence.

Authorities in Washington D.C. announced other area closures prior on February 18, at the request of the Secret Service.

The National Park Service cooperated with Secret Service to temporarily close down some of the State Parks with National monuments limiting public access to some of these areas and closing others to the public completely until March 22, 2021. The U.S. Army National Guard remained in Washington D.C. protecting the Nation’s Capitol.

K-9 Officer With Human Partner Protect The White House


Canyon News spoke to a source, who asked to remain anonymous, who indicated that there were tunnels under The White House that housed children who were tortured and that The White House has been closed since Joe Biden’s “fake inauguration.”

The source said that many members of Congress would be arrested once a child sex trafficking ring that would be exposed. “You won’t believe who will be arrested,” she stated. “Then, on March 4, Trump would be inaugurated as the real President,” the source continued.

Historically speaking, prior to the 20th Amendment adopted in 1933, the President of the United States took office on March 4.

CNN and other media outlets are accused of sensationalizing beliefs. CNN interviewed current and former members of QAnon who publicized that more riots would to The White House on March 4.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi responded to reporters regarding the threats and said there were a lot of them and there is no use taking any chances.