UNITED STATES—On April 6, Laura Melville, Senior Officer Associate of the Washington County Detention Center responded to Canyon News’ inquiry regarding to Joe Biden’s  Press Secretary  Karine Jean-Pierre’s possible arrest.

“Ms. Melville confirmed that the Washington County Detention Center had no records for Karine Jean-Pierre. This individual has never been processed through our agency.”

Someone is attempting to censor this story.  On April 5, after this article garnered over 87,000 views, Facebook took the story down.  The message across the screen reads, “False information.  Checked by independent fact-checkers.” 

“Independent fact-checkers say this information has no basis in fact.  You can choose whether to see it. No proof for claim Karine Jean-Pierre drove while intoxicated.”

Within 10 minutes of publishing the news of the news on April 3, the website went down for several hours

On April 3, news reports surfaced that White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre is not facing DUI charges or a ticket after a drunk driving accident that occurred on March 26, 2023.  

The truth is that witnesses and bystanders photographed the incident and posted the pictures on social media. They are the only pictures taken as Karine Jean-Pierre, the only person in her vehicle, was not taken into custody.

A witness who did not give their name indicated that the press secretary was, “whisked away.”  Another car came and picked up Karine Jean-Pierre.  She was not charged or arrested.

Other than the witnesses and bystanders that saw the incident unfold, no one else knew of the accident until the press secretary had a press release at the White House on another topic.  Reporters present indicated that they were instructed not to ask Karine Jean-Pierre about her drunk driving accident. According to those present,  the news was leaked out by the White House staff to the reporters

DC Police At The Scene Of Drunk Driving Accident

Washington DC Police have refused to release the bodycam footage of the accident. Reports indicate that she rear-ended another vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. 

PS Jean-Pierre’s Car

Witnesses reported that Jean-Pierre was slurring her speech and having difficulty standing up straight. She was not arrested, and no DUI was issued. No arrest or booking or arrest information is on the Washington DC Sheriff’s Department webpage, and no press releases or information available on the Washington DC Metropolitan Police webpage, from the White House, The Biden Administration, or from the Press Secretary.

A Former NYPD officer, Liza Porpiglia posted the following message on her Facebook page.

“Press Secretary KJP had a drunk driving car accident last night. They quickly whisked her away.”

One commenter indicated that while covering one of the Press Secretary’s news conferences, the press was instructed not to question Karine Jean-Pierre about her alleged drunk driving accident.