UNITED STATES—I feel like sometimes millennials are treated like punching bags for most Americans. A lot of the chaos that takes place in the world is a direct result of millennials. Look, you cannot place a label on all millennials and group them together. We are NOT all the same; we don’t behave the same and think alike. To be honest I’m tired of being a punching bag to many of my counterparts.

For starters, all millennials are not social media addicts. Look, do I have social media pages? Yes, do I actually post things on social media? Nope. It’s strictly for work-related issues. The notion of just utilizing my phone and doing everything in my power to ensure everyone sees what I’m doing, when I’m doing it and how long I’m doing it. It’s like a digital blueprint of your life; why in the world would you want to give someone that much access to your personal life.

There is nothing wrong with sharing milestones or fun activities with the world, but there are some millennials who make it their life story. Not all of us care, so keep some of it to yourself! Another thing that has baffled me is this argument that millennials are lazy. I’m not buying it and I will not accept it. We are not all lazy, some of us work, and some of us work very hard, not one job, but two, sometimes three jobs depending on the situation.

Would I be a total hypocrite if I lied and said, “All millennials work hard.” Absolutely because I know it’s not true, but that does not change the fact that one bad apple should not spoil the entire bunch America. When it comes to money, I think millennials are more driven to save now more than ever. Many of us don’t want to be in debt, and we know with the rising costs of college, it’s easy to be in massive debt upon graduating from college.

Now imagine trying to pay that debt off. It’s not easy and at times you find yourself battling to balance your expenses, with just keeping your head afloat. I will admit I know quite a few millennials who are entitled and it boils my blood. I blame that on parenting. Some parents don’t force their children to fail or understand that defeat is part of life. You will make mistakes and the goal is to learn from those mistakes. If you don’t allow the child to experience that, it hampers them as adults.

That is the one thing about my generation that annoys me, that entitlement element. You’re not guaranteed anything in life and the fact that I know so many people who think they deserve something, without ever having to work for it, does annoy me to the core America and I cannot apologize enough for it. We have our quirks, we have our problems, but there are indeed bright spots and positive things about millennials. We’re not all bad, so please don’t make us your punching bag because you want to direct your anger somewhere. I mean Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y all have their issues as well America.

Written By Zoe Mitchell