Tag: Millennials

Why Are Millennials Punching Bags?

UNITED STATES—I feel like sometimes millennials are treated like punching bags for most Americans. A lot of the chaos that takes place in the...

Are All Millennials The Same?

UNITED STATES—We love to place people into groups. You have the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and now we have Generation Z. Of course,...

Why Are Some People So Prone To Laziness?

UNITED STATES—Genetics, it’s something that has far reaching impacts on one’s overall personality than one would like to think. However, when the child of...

Whole Foods Unveils 365 Store In Silver Lake

LOS ANGELES—On Wednesday, May 25, Whole Foods Market opened up a brand new 365 store in Silver Lake. The 365 store is aimed at...
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