UNITED STATES—Love is something we all are craving for. Someone may drown this craving in career aspirations, others try to refill this need with friends or families. However, it is undoubtedly true that everyone needs some love, support, and trust to keep going in this complex and ever- more frustrating world. Therefore, starting a new affair with someone usually means keeping it under the veil of secrecy and intimacy, thus hiding this personal story from the rest of the world.

At the beginning of the story, it may be totally fine to keep the new love link far from the public view and attention. However, the further it goes, the harder it would be to put all the cards on the table. You may be not that open and share-oriented like couples participating in lifeundercam projects with free voyeur web streaming of their relations, however, you should at least try to overcome this lack of security and thus enter the path to a healthier and stronger relationship.

Main Disadvantages of Secret Love Affairs

It often happens when people start dating secretly not to disrupt that unique magic of being just for one another. With time, feelings grow and the importance of the relationship grows as well. There will usually be the time when one is ready to share the love story with friends and maybe closest relatives to gain that important endorsement and support. However, if this does not happen because neither party wants it, this may serve as a signal of something being wrong.


People who are afraid of telling more about their personal lives and avoiding others’ participation in these seem to lack confidence in their own decisions. And this is not the only issue that should be bothering you. Some other negative aspects of secretly dating someone are indicated below:

  • a feeling of doing something wrong: secrecy is often associated with misdoing. When we are small we never tell our parents about a broken vase or drown mobile phone as it means we made a mistake and will pay for it. In relationships, it functions in the same way – not telling about your new beloved partner means that you feel it be wrong and maybe a mistake;
  • disruption of honesty morale: being honest with yourself as well as with your friends should be one of the most important values to preach. By not doing this, you may significantly disrupt trust among friends. In fact, it can even hurt your friend’s feelings to learn later that such an important aspect of your life has not been shared with him or her;
  • no real support system in place: who are you going to complain to if things do not work out? However strong you are, it is always easier to cope with any struggle with somebody else, preferably a close and decent companion.

All in all, there are numerous reasons we may want to conceal our beloved ones in both short- and long-term perspectives. However, these actions do no good neither to your love affair nor to friendships and therefore are worthless the effort.