HOLLYWOOD—We knew it was true, but as viewers, you cannot pinpoint it 100 percent until you actually see it. Last week the confirmation finally came front and center regarding J.T. Hellstrom on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” Yes people, J.T. is back in the flesh and very much alive. After Nick and Billy convinced Rey to help them spring Victoria, Nikki and Sharon in hopes of setting a trap for J.T., we saw the vicious one in the flesh.

The one question I wondered is why no one thought about this before? With the ladies fugitives everyone was out to find them before the worst happened. Billy and Nick were working in secret, which led ire from Victor who was concerned about the whereabouts of his wife and daughter. He was clued in on the plan. There was one slight problem with the plan; they didn’t fully expect J.T. to accost the ladies at the cabin. Phyllis, who is doing everything in her blood to look like a saint, realized Victor, Billy, Nick and almost everyone in town who isn’t her daughter Summer, wanted nothing to do with her.

Prompted to want to know what Billy was up to, Phyllis followed her ex and discovered the ladies where being held at the cabin. Cue J.T. who took out both guards and disguised himself with one of their uniforms. Sharon, Nikki and Victoria were stunned when they came face-to-face with J.T. who explained how he escaped being buried alive. He wanted revenge, but there was one slight problem: he was suffering from serious head pains. The ladies suspected it might have been a result of their actions nearly a year ago, but we don’t fully know right at this moment.

J.T. tied up the ladies before spiraling out of control causing a gas leak, knocking everyone out unconscious. Billy, Nick, Victor and Phyllis managed to arrive at the cabin to rescue everyone and were surprised to come face-to-face with J.T. himself. I think I was more surprised by the fact that Victor issued a threat to Christine. Uh-oh, when Victor issues a threat, he always follows through and she should be scared people!

The question I want answered now, is what happens next? J.T. is very much alive and he has made quite a few enemies, so could someone finish the job the ladies started? Well, it looks like “Y&R” is going for the redemption arc for J.T. similar to what “General Hospital” did with Franco and the brain tumor storyline. Jeez, what a cheat America.

Perhaps with Paul back in the flesh, he’ll get the Genoa Police Department back in order. First order of business, terminating Rey; well he did commit a crime by harboring fugitives, so what did he expect would happen. Rey’s life is spiraling out of control, but at the same time he might have Sharon in his corner for helping get her bounced from prison, but Nick could be the third wheel people.

There is another relationship we have to discuss: Kyle and Summer! I mean this girl is blackmailing him to give her liver so that his actual girlfriend would survive. Everyone suspects that something is off, but it was Mariah who really pinpointed that Kyle was forced into this wedding to save Lola’s life. Instead of Mariah railing into Summer, he felt pity for a woman who can’t see that Kyle is truly in love. I mean Kyle slept with Summer, and that was something I was certain he would never do. He’s crossed the line, and I don’t see how he and Lola can overcome this.

Why? Well Summer did save Lola’s life, and that tidbit can be held not over Lola’s head, but Kyle’s head. Watching Kyle confess the truth to Lola was heartbreaking to watch, and really gave their performers the opportunity to shine on the small screen. However, this storyline seems mute. Kyle does NOT want to be with Summer, he wants Lola and when the first opportunity pops, Kyle will take it.

It looks like all sorts of chaos for the Rosales family. Mia is MIA; Rey lost his job, but it seems him and Sharon are getting closer, and Arturo confessed the truth to Abby. Yeah, she didn’t take that news well and took a hammer to his truck, just as Rey delivered a punch to his brother’s face. So sad for Abby, the girl is unlucky in love and with Jason Canela out on “Y&R” one has to wonder what will happen with the Rosales clan on “Y&R?”

The only other tale to discuss is that Ana’s secret has been exposed to Devon regarding the care of her father Jett, a famed R&B singer and his nurse Elena. Looks like the writers are finally giving Devon a love interest to help him move on from losing Hilary.