UNITED STATES—In the past let’s say three years, I have become such an avid fan of the podcast. Don’t ask me what sutured me into the arena or why I enjoy them so much, I just do. It’s even got me thinking just maybe, just maybe, I should consider starting my own podcast as a form of weekly therapy or to engage even more with people.

Hmm, not so fast! Why? I’ve realized when it comes to the podcast, being in front of the camera matters; well at least that is how I perceive the most entertaining podcasts to be. As humans, we like to see faces; a face gives us the opportunity to connect with the voice that we’re hearing.

There are plenty of people who are able to easily talk, but when you place a camera on them and then ask them to talk, it takes them to a place that is slightly uncomfortable to say the least. Not everyone is able to easily connect with their viewers on camera; it’s similar to radio hosts. There are those who have the perfect voice and those who don’t.

The greatest thing I’ve learned recently about podcasts is the level of honesty the host has, as well as the listeners. It’s not that the conversation is raunchy, it’s people chatting about an issue or topic that they are passionate about, or in my case that we find entertaining. I’ve been an avid fan of Rob Has a Podcast for the past 3-4 years. The host is none other than “Survivor” star Rob Cesternino who recaps all things reality television. I first got hooked on the podcast because of my passion for all things “Big Brother” where Rob and his correspondents discuss episodes each week, as well as the fun that happens on those live feeds that those who watch only the TV show, miss quite a ton.

The love for this podcast comes because there are plenty of laughs, a variety of perspectives on the players in the BB house, eviction predictions and what is happening in the house that hasn’t necessarily been aired on the weekly shows. Yes, people, there is a TON of stuff the TV show fails to capture that one should be aware of. It’s not that Rob just discusses BB, but his love for all things “Survivor” actually reignited my interest in the reality competition that was amazing when it first kicked off in 2000. I mean I’ve religiously watched the last 2 seasons of the reality series after being MIA for years on the series, as I suspected it became too redundant. There are other reality show guilty pleasures that are recapped as well on the podcast, and it seems like Rob is recapping so many shows, I wonder how he sleeps, but if you love what you do, work doesn’t matter people!

Think of it this way, we all have things that we have an interest in, so imagine putting yourself in a situation where you’re able to discuss at length something that allows you to connect with massive numbers of people, who can listen to what you’re saying and deliver comments via the internet, which we all use nowadays. Another great advantage of the podcast is the fact that you can access most of them anytime that you choose, maybe you miss a podcast, you can go and download when you have a bit of free time.

I’ll been honest, listening or watching the podcasts is a great distraction when you exercise; you become so focused on the watching the podcast or listening to it, you totally forget that you’ve just put in 45 minutes to 1 hour on the elliptical or cycling bike. If the week has been a stressful one, there’s nothing like an entertaining podcast to take the stress away. I mean you can connect with people who love something just as much as you do, how can that not be fun people?