HOLLYWOOD—Sonny and Will have done a good job keeping their secret involving Leo on “Days of Our Lives,” but now the secret has finally come out. Sonny and Will freaked about ways they could come up with millions of dollars to keep Ted quiet about their secret. Paul worried about Will, searched through his bag and discovered a blackmail letter, prompting him to suspect his lover was cheating on him.

Paul was never a fan of Will and Sonny getting closer out of fear that his relationship with Will could falter. After much prodding, Will went to Kate to ask for money and was stunned to see Ted in his grandmother’s suite. Awkward was the best way to describe that situation, because not only was Will surprised to see Ted in the flesh, but Ted was not pleased to see Will either. Looks like the gig is up Ted, good luck talking yourself out of this one buddy. Kate has found herself in a precarious situation; she learned from Will that Ted has been blackmailing him in regards to Leo’s demise, and she was not pleased. I mean she even pulled a gun on her secret lover.

Gabi confessed the truth to Kate, who was flabbergasted to learn that Abigail’s bundle of joy is actually Chad’s not Stefan. Yes, this is a very dirty move, but considering the situation that Abigail placed Gabi in can you blame her for wanting to get even or a bit of revenge? Kate is already in the snares with Stefan, and it looks like Stefan has plenty of leverage on Kayla, so much that her lying to Steve has become apparent.

Steve knows his wife is keeping secrets, and considering his skills it is only a matter of time before Steve learns the truth. He alerts John of his suspicions, who is planning his wedding with Marlena, who learned Sami is not coming to the wedding, which makes one expect that Sami is up to something America. As a viewer I am waiting for that moment to see Stefan’s world explode when he learns the baby he thinks is his, actually belongs to his brother. He wanted to go to war with Abby, but I don’t think he ever expected this war to have the level of blowback that is coming in his direction.

This is all working out in Gabi’s favor because she and Chad are indeed getting close, and after Chad decided to sever ties with his wife after spotting Stefan rubbing her belly, a former couple could reunite because of a lie, but Abigail is starting to catch onto Gabi’s antics. The question is rather she will do anything about it. There is still one more thing we have to chat about this impending love triangle involving Ciara, Ben and Tripp.

Hope has been adamant that she will do everything in her power to ensure that Ben leaves Salem by promising to end her investigation if he does. However, it seems Ben has charmed his way into Ciara’s heart. Why? There is chemistry there, and it’s actually good chemistry for once. It does not seem forced and it naturally works. Just when the audience thought Ciara and Tripp were getting back together, she pulls away and nearly kissed lips with Ben in Salem Square.

This should be very interesting because it looks like the loft is about to get more crowded with the arrival of Ben, with very little drawback from Claire, who still holds that torch for Tripp, who happens to have a torch for Ciara. Yeah, this might be the messiest quad-triangle I’ve seen in years. Just as Marlena and John’s wedding approaches, it looks like Kristen DiMera may finally return to the foray, only to be played by a fresh face. With Eileen Davidson leaving “The Young and the Restless,” I wish “Days” had scooped her up before Stacy Haiduk was cast to play Susan/Kristen.

I think I’m more eager to see how this Eve, Brady, Eric and Jenn storyline plays out. Jenn is riddled with guilt, Eve keeps tossing it in her face, and Brady has no idea his world is going to explode two-fold when both secrets are revealed. Eve, you might want to stop poking at Jenn, have your forgotten she knows you cost Brady custody of his son. When that secret comes out, which it will, not only will Brady be livid so will Eve’s sister, Theresa; you’ll have two enemies out for blood not one. Not to mention, Eric is going to be livid at his brother for his latest stunt, just as they repaired their relationship it fractures yet again, oh, this is going to be so much fun to watch unfold soap fans!