HOLLYWOOD—We knew the writers on the ABC soap “General Hospital” were heading in this direction, but on April 8, viewers got confirmation that Willow is indeed Nina Reeves daughter! Yes, that means Nelle was Willow’s twin sister and neither woman knew it. Talk about twisted. She’s bonded so well with Wiley because that’s her nephew people and Nina is about to go to war with her own daughter and she has no clue whatsoever.

I used to like Nina Reeves as a character, but the moment the writers decided to travel down that path of Nina hiding Sonny from her family, the character is not as likeable anymore. Why? She is touting around Port Charles as if she didn’t do anything wrong people and that is a major problem. In the soap arena you can get away with things, but at the same time, you always want to see a character receive their comeuppance. Nina has not received her comeuppance, she got a slight slap on the hand and is back to her old twisted ways. This war with Michael and Willow over Wiley is going to climax with the truth about Willow being Nina’s daughter coming to light and you better believe it’s going to create a rift between mother and daughter that might be irreparable if I’m being honest.

Patience is virtue as they say, and this might be the audience seeing Nina win in court, but being dealt a fatal and I mean fatal blow in her personal life by not being able to bond with a daughter, she didn’t even know existed. I mean she has been under her nose for close to 2 years at this point America. Carly is not pleased with Nina and all signs seem to point to Carly being the one to discover that Willow is indeed Nina’s other daughter. Talk about sweet revenge people.

Harmony is doing all in her power to keep the secret from coming out, but with Brendan blackmailing her and Alexis realizing her new pal is a bit frazzled, Harmony might resort to murder to keep her secret from coming out. Liz is still being tortured, but it appears we might have an actual stalker in play, but I’m still NOT sold on Liz suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Let’s just say IF Liz is not suffering from DID and a stalker is out there, it’s a whopper of a twist where I want to see who is causing havoc on Liz’s life. Finn is by her side, but Jake and Aiden are also hoping to get to the bottom of things.

Valentin is back in the flesh, but it appears he is under control by forces unseen, as Victor utilizes his own son to cover his tracks in Luke Spencer’s murder. Jennifer Smith has been arrested by the WSB for the crime, but Anna is not buying it, neither is Felicia who was mere feet from coming face-to-face with Valentin himself. Whatever Victor Cassadine is up to is huge people I mean huge, and he seems to want to keep Nikolas, Spencer, Alexis, Valentin and the rest of the Cassadine’s in close orbit. Laura knows her foe cannot be trusted, but she has yet to garner the goods to expose Victor for his shenanigans, even though she knows he had a role in Luke’s demise.

Let’s go back to the Cassadine clan, and Esme Price encroaching on Ava’s turf. The fact that everyone except, (Spencer and Nikolas) know Esme leaked that sex tape of Cameron and Josslyn should be a telling sign, but father and son are too stupid to see what is right in front of them. Evidence can always be planted, one’s character that is another thing. Trina’s character is morally stable, Esme Price, is not. It was Trina of all people who pushed Ava to go back to Wyndemere and reclaim her home from Esme.

This is going to be fun: Ava vs Esme. I really don’t think Esme knows who she is toying with. This woman has lost her brother, Julian and her daughter Kiki, to Esme’s wicked father Ryan. She will claw tooth and nail to keep what she currently has and when she discovers Esme has been secretly working with Ryan, the villainess we have come to love will become the hero we root for. The moment that the truth about Esme’s heritage comes to life all hell is going to erupt people in an explosive climax.

Trina had a confrontation with Spencer where she made it crystal how she felt and I’m so glad Trina has come to her senses and kicked Spencer to the curb. He is nothing, but trouble for her and she realizes it giving Esme all the power to continue to weave her web around Spencer until it’s time to finally expose herself. Curtis is absolutely playing with fire when it comes to Selina Wu in his quest to get information about his father, who I think is absolutely tied to the mob some way. Stella knows, I feel like he has a past with Sonny Corinthos, but I don’t know just how yet America and the writers are dragging their feet on this if I must be honest and I don’t love it people.