STUDIO CITY—A woman whose car plunged into a sinkhole in Studio City in February 2017, was awarded $4 million settlement from the Los Angeles City Council after a deal was reached on December 4.

A major storm struck Southern California in February 2017 that caused a sinkhole on Laurel Canyon in which the victim, Stephanie Scott’s car fell into the sinkhole. Possible sewer failure may have been a factor as well. Video showed Scott standing on the roof of her car after it plunged into the sinkhole where she screamed for help.

Scott is said to have suffered significant injuries, damages and losses as a result of the incident. She sued the city for negligence in September 2017. The county and the city of Los Angeles, as well as the city’s departments of water and power, public works and county sanitation districts were all accused of being at fault for the accident in the lawsuit.