WOODLAND HILLS—Holly Courtier, 38, who went missing in Zion National Park is suspected to have lied to collect money. There are allegations that Courtier has staged her retreat in order to raise money on her GoFundMe page, set up by sister Jamie Strong, where $11,860 has been raised. Courtier was last seen on October 6 and was rescued on October 18.

There are allegations attempting to debunk Courtier because of statements from officials and from her family do not align.

Officials indicated that she needed minimal assistance. Family members noted she hit her head and survived on water. Rescuers pointed out that due to the algae bloom, the water is toxic to consume.

Strong has said that Courtier was extremely dehydrated. She knew of the toxic water and would swish it in her mouth to wet it.

Her sister noted that the original intent for the GoFundMe was to pay for lodging at Zion to find Courtier along with supplies needed and/or medical bills.

Holly Courtier’s GoFundMe page is no longer accepting donations. The case is still under investigation by officials.