BRENTWOOD—A man who supports President Donald Trump hung a mannequin of Joe Biden with a rope and noose from his home. The words “cheater” were written on it, and protestors vandalized his property.

The effigy was hung on the second floor. It was dressed with a black baseball hat, a long sleeved shirt, and denim blue jeans. A sign accompanied the mannequin that read: “Sleepy Joe (Cheater).”

The home was located on Craig Court. The house is decked with American flags and has a bright, flashing sign that says TRUMP. He also has a sign that says “Come on everyone make some noise for 4 more years of TRUMP 2020. God Bless America.” The sign also asks for supporters to hit their horns.

The suspects who are presumed to be counter-protestors threw rocks, eggs, and toilet paper. They damaged the house and car, a gray Toyota, which had a windshield crack. The owner’s garage was spray painted also.

Three people were caught on video. One was wearing a dark colored puffy jacket with light colored pants. Another was wearing a black beanie, yellow sweatshirt, and black face mask. The last suspect caught on camera wore a light colored sweatshirt.

In an interview with NBC Bay Area, Bilal Johnson, a neighbor, talked about how he tried to reason with everybody. He noted it was beyond that and that an altercation transpired where somebody threw a bottle at another person’s head.

Other neighbors reported that they were scared and never saw something so hateful. Another woman reported feeling disgusted and scared. 

Some locals held signs that read: “Brentwood is too beautiful for RACISTS,” “We grow corn not hate,” and “BLM.” Other signs included “Violence is never ok,” “Racism is a pandemic too,” and “Love not hate makes America great again.”