SANTA MONICA—Workers from several grocery and drug stores are demanding hazard pay in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Albertsons, Vons and Rite Aid employees were receiving $2 more per hour, until earlier this month when that policy ended, even as the pandemic continued and businesses remained open.

Calling themselves “essential workers,” this particular group of employees want to keep receiving these higher pay benefits, because they feel they are putting their health and livelihood at risk by working in these dangerous conditions. Reports have identified more than three million of these “essential workers” currently employed in grocery stores nationwide.

One worker, named Trev, is not releasing his last name or where he specifically works, but was happy to comment on his situation. “I’m talking to people and dealing with raw meat. I’m sanitizing everything that I can, but the fact that they want to take it away from us is mind-boggling.” He continued, in part, “If you’re going to put us in harm’s way, then there should definitely be some recognition to the work. They want to give us this little bonus for one week.”

Trev also explained situations, where workers, like himself, had to work their jobs in the midst of citywide curfews being issued. Because of that, they weren’t allowed to take buses to take them back home, instead having to rely on Uber and Lyft drivers to pick them up late into the morning.

While employers of grocery stores, and other “essential workers” like Trev, haven’t received the hazard pay they feel they deserve, they’ve still been supplied with protective gear to prevent any possibility of catching the deadly virus.

According to the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, at least 1,500 grocery store workers throughout the United States have tested positive for coronavirus, while around 72 workers have reportedly died because of it.

In Los Angeles County alone, several “essential workers” from Whole Foods and Ralphs have reportedly been killed by coronavirus.