UNITED STATES─Memorial Day has come and gone, and some would say that summer is officially here, well not quite, but I always say when it gets hot enough where you have to sleep with a fan or the air conditioner, one can argue that summer has arrived. With that said, the amount of work to be performed outdoors grows substantially. Yeah, some would say a vast majority should have been done in the spring, but in case you’ve forgot, we’re in the midst of a pandemic, and that pandemic prevented us from going outdoors and actually doing the work that needed to be completed.

That brings me to our conversation of the hour: yardwork. Look I’ll just say it, I have NEVER been a fan of flowers. I know they look nice, pretty and bring an elegance of beauty to one’s home, but its wasteful money in my opinion. Unless you’re someone who takes an active role in making sure your flowers are properly watered, receive adequate sunlight, in addition to proper planting, you’re just tossing money away.

Yes, you heard me correctly; I think flowers are a waste of money unless you’re one who ensures they survive. I cannot tell you how many people I know who spend hundreds of dollars each year to plant flowers that only die a week later because they weren’t watered or properly taken care of. Just keep tossing that money down the drain America, because you’ll never see me do it.

With that said, you have others things beyond flowers to worry about. You have weeds, you have tree branches and of course the big one of all: the lawn. I mean I haven’t seen such luscious lawns in my neighborhood in years. The weather has been near perfection and the amount of rainfall helps to keep things healthy.

I’m used to cutting grass twice a month, it has turned into every single week and I will admit I have my reasons. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to lawn care. I’m all about ensuring the grass is even cut, properly treated and most important of all: you have clear, concise and exceptional lines. You might argue what do I mean when I say clear lines? The lawnmower is a tool that not only cuts grass, but gives one the opportunity to design their lawns. I know this because one of my first jobs was cutting lawns and it’s something I’ve known about for years. You never start cutting grass in the middle of the lawn, always on the end or the edge.

Once you start, try to keep those lines straight, and slightly overlap each other to ensure no trimmings are missed. I’m a big proponent of utilizing a lawnmower with a bag because they produce better lines in the yard, compared to one that just mulches the trimmings away until nothing exists. Yeah, it requires a lot more work, but a green, well-trimmed and fresh smelling lawn is something that could sell a house in a million years if you ask me.

Beyond the lawn you also have bushes that have to be trimmed in addition to trees that may be growing out of control. You have to use the right tools people, and if you don’t know what you’re doing its better allowing the experts to take control. The last thing you want to do is trim a bush that looks a complete mess. They saw you can tell a lot about a house based on the kitchen or bathroom, I’m a believer you can tell a lot by what the front yard and backyard looks like also people.

Written By Jason Jones