HOLLYWOOD—If there is one thing that can keep viewers on the edge of their seat in the soap opera arena it’s a murder mystery. “The Young and Restless” has weaved a murder mystery that began with the youngsters, but has permeated to the adults as well. It started on Valentines Day, when a trip to the cabin soon turned deadly. At first, I think the audience thought the idea of Austin being killed was a joke, but it appeared to be very real.

That was just the beginning of the mystery. As the story unfolded, it came to light that Austin was having an affair with Abby, who happens to be Summer’s aunt! Yeah, it’s a bit complicated, as Abby is kin to Summer’s father. She’s an Abbott and a Newman, go figure, or at least we’re made to think that. Rumors are floating that Ashley Abbott isn’t really an Abbott so that will indeed change everything if the revelation is of course true.

The list of suspects in Austin’s murder first peaked with Summer who had flashes of possibly killing her husband, to Kyle who mysteriously found his way back to Genoa City out of the blue. We can’t forget about Kevin, who has a dark past, and Mariah who was a bit chummy with Austin in the beginning. Also involved in the chaos is Noah, the goody too shoes, and his fiancé Courtney who just so happens to be a member of the Genoa City Police Department.

As the story unfolded, Abby was attacked and Stitch became her savior. I know what most of you are thinking, Stitch and Abby, yeah, I get it, and it sure looks like the writers could be heading in that direction. I wonder how Abby’s sister Victoria will feel about that? Austin was filming a secret documentary targeting the wealthy Abbott and Newman families, where both Sharon and Stitch were compromised saying pretty vile things about their counterparts.

It does point the finger at both of them; and with Sharon having so many issues she seems like a dead ringer. Well, that’s until she begins receiving threatening messages like the others. Just when the audience suspected no more murders, this week dropped a bombshell on Noah, as he found his dead fiancé stored in a closet in the cabin. Yep, the killer has struck again, and it looks like no end in site. It was indeed a tearjerker to say the least, as the couple was literally planning to tie the knot.

Any guesses who took out Courtney? It had to be someone who had access to easily gain entry to and from the police department, to make matters worse, I suspect another murder is soon on the horizon, and its anybody’s guess as to who will fall next. Could one of the adults in town, bare the methodical chaos of our villain? It would be an interesting twist to say the least, and considering May sweeps are like right around the corner, I could definitely see that happening.

All signs seem to point to Austin’s mystery documentary. I fear someone was compromised on that video who doesn’t want their secrets to come to light. I have a gut feeling it’s a familiar face to the residents of GC. “The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays on CBS.