LOS FELIZ—On Thursday, August 20, the second “Vanity Pop” art show will be happening at the Los Feliz location of local restaurant chain Spitz, from 7-10 p.m.

The show features work from four different Los Angeles based artists: Vakseen, Adam Abraham, Keith Wong, and Heather Kohos. Several of these artists are associated with Cannibal Flower, a 15-year-old artists’ collective that holds regular group shows in galleries throughout the city. One of the founders of Cannibal Flower, Mr. Numberonederful, will be the DJ for the night.

"No Filter Me" by Vakseen
“No Filter Me” by Vakseen

Vakseen, born Otha Davis III, is the curator of the art show and the originator of the “Vanity Pop” theme. He is a music industry veteran whose works “celebrate the acute imperfections and endless perfections that exist within every woman,” according to his website. He creates paintings that appear to be giant collages, incorporating photorealistic and cubist elements.

Adam Abraham is a 19 year old artist who uses graphite and oil paints to create colorful portraits on wood panels, often embellishing his subjects with flowers and animals to “[add] an organic feel to the beauties he portrays.”

"Salem" by HEKO.
“Salem” by HEKO.

Keith Wong’s bio states that he “has a special interest in anything art that has a slightly off-beat twist.” He works in many different mediums, including sculpture, film, and mixed-media painting, and has worked as a designer for various animation studios.

Heather Kohos also goes by the moniker of HEKO. Her Facebook page states, “Combining skill with innocence; humor with a rhetoric of sweet sadness – the work is meant to provoke smiles and entertain.”

Spitz will be serving their usual fare of Mediterranean street food, and there will be drink specials to commemorate the show. There is no charge to attend. For more information, visit the Facebook event page.