HOLLYWOOD —Sunday’s “True Blood” episode started out on an incredible high note which most shows end on. As the episode titled “Scratches” opened with Sookie, Bill and Jessica leaving Jessica’s house. Bill was furious at Sookie for taking Jessica there. As they argue Bill admits he had to glamour Jessica’s family or it would have meant the end of the three of them. The couple gets in a fight, then Sookie leaves the car and walks down the road. Anytime a heroine walks down a dark road, we know there’s going to be danger. However, as Sookie hears a noise behind her and sees a strange-looking creature with horns, which then begins chasing her down the road. The creature catches Sookie and rips into her back with its claws, knocking her to the ground. Bill senses Sookie’s danger and jumps out of the car and takes off running and then comes to her side after the creature has run off into the woods. Sookie is unable to move and begins frothing at the mouth when Bill has her drink some of his blood. Jessica drops them off at Fangtasia, where Bill asks Eric for help in saving his mind reader. Eric knows someone who can save Sookie and she’s soon on the mend.

Sam argues with new waitress Daphne and demands that she replaces the money that she’s short at the end of her shift. Daphne gives her night’s tips and walks out. Tara then confronts Bill for being so disagreeable with the new waitress and he tries to set her straight about hanging out with Maryann. That goes nowhere, as Tara then heads over to Maryann’s place and soon joins a party.

Sam is leaving town and asks Terry to watch the bar for him while he’s gone. Terry, who is a veteran of the war in Iraq is angry that Sam is running away. “Remind me never to get stuck in a foxhole with you. Coward.” Sam plans on leaving town, then his dog wants to play. Sam chases through the woods and shifts into a dog, then jumps in to the lake. Soon an amorous Daphne arrives and undresses to go skinny dipping. Viewers see the claw marks on her back that they witnessed in the beginning of the episode on Sookie’s back.

Jason shared his tale of saving Eddy during a vampire victim counseling session at the conference. He didn’t feel as if he fit in with the rest of the group. As Jason began to walk out, Sarah followed him and told him that she had supported vampire rights before her sister was killed by them. Jason thinks he didn’t do enough to save Gran or Amy. Sarah thinks God needs him and then offered for the two to pray together. Jason appeared to be falling for Sarah.

Tara and Eggs were getting close in a hot tub next to Maryann’s pool. A topless girl hops in and started giving Eggs a shoulder massage. During this Tara took a closer look at the rest of the party and witnessed how amorous the gathering really is. Seeing Eggs enjoying his massage a little too much she left in a huff and went into the house. Several party goers were drinking a liquid and their eyes turned black. Eggs followed Tara and she told him “there is no us, if this is your scene.”

Fans are expecting even more of Maryann’s treachery and Sam to stick around long enough to fall deeply in love with Daphne, who tells Sam and viewers next week what her secret really is. Join the more than two million Truebies on Facebook atFacebook | True Blood and catch a clip of the upcoming third season with Tara finding herself in more danger than before at YouTube – True Blood “Waiting Sucks” Season 3 Promo # 3 Tara .

“True Blood” airs Sundays on HBO.


Photograph Courtesy: HBO Productions