WESTWOOD—UCLA has purchased an all-electric bus from Motiv Power Systems and is the first university to do so.

In its commitment to usher in a more sustainable lifestyle for its students and staff, UCLA ordered an all new all-electric bus. The bus will provide clean transport for individuals between UCLA Santa Monica and UCLA Westwood health facilities. It has been kitted out with a wheelchair lift, a bicycle rack, two spaces for wheelchairs and WiFi connection. According to Motiv Power System’s website, buses like this can fit up to 25 people and can travel anywhere from 68 to 100 miles on a full charge.

The new bus was funded partially by the California Air Resource Board’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project. As a result, the cost was around as much as a regular, fossil fuel vehicle. The bus was purchased earlier this week and is scheduled to arrive at UCLA in early 2018.

The school ordered the vehicle from Motiv Power Systems, a small company based in Foster City, CA that specializes in manufacturing and installing all-electric powertrains. The company focuses on large trucks and buses, and is the only Ford-approved company to do so. The company began work in 2015 with buses for the city of Mountain View, CA.

UCLA has been taking steps toward sustainability for years. The school has over 25 research centers focused on sustainability and the environment. In addition, it has been using recyclable materials for many years, opting for these special materials for such things as utensils or napkins in dining halls.

The university utilizes sustainable water systems, “green” building designs, clean energy, and has a plan to eliminate all UCLA municipal solid waste being sent to landfills by 2020. If the school approves of the effectiveness of this new all-electric bus, it could pave the way for more all-electric vehicle purchases in the future.