UNITED STATES—It was revealed that 12 Russians were indicted for hacking during the 2016 election, days before President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Russian Summit. FBI Director Robert Mueller discovered the hackers alleged interference during the 2016 election. The defendants allegedly hacked emails of the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee. 

All of the hackers are members of a Russian intelligence organization called GRQ. If the case goes to trial the hackers will face trial in Russia. 

Republicans called into question the timing of the release of the information. Democrats argued alleged hacking proves that meeting with the Russian government is not necessary.

On the FOX series “Hannity,” Sean Hannity said: “No Americans were involved. Despite this, there you go to Fake News American TV….thinking this actually proves a Nexus between Trump and Russia.” Hannity discussed the timing of the hacking announcement suspect. On MSNBC, Chuck Todd discussed how a meeting between President Trump and Putin would be mute with the release of these details.

“Vladamir Putin has lied to the President [Trump] to his face [about not interfering with the election],” said Todd. Putin has denied any Russian involvement during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Fox News showed a clip with Trump discussing the upcoming summit. “Having a meeting with Russia, China, North Korea, I believe in it,” said Trump.