PORTLAND— Police officers in Portland arrested a 14-year-old on June 4 for an incident that occurred during a protest following George Floyd’s death.

The unnamed 14-year-old and another suspect, Emilio Antonio DeLeon,18, were caught on camera for attacking a man and allegedly punching him in the head on May 30. Deleon was arrested Sunday, June 7. Both parties face charges of second-degree assault.

14 year-old kicking the head of an unnamed man.

Court documents state the incident occurred at the intersection of Southwest 4th Avenue and Southwest Salmon Street. It is stated that during the incident, an individual was holding up an American Flag and was assaulted by someone wearing a black t-shirt.

A bystander then tried to help hold the flag, allegedly leading to DeLeon to chase him before punching him and pushing him down. The 14-year-old was then seen kicking the head of the man on the ground.

Both parties and other protesters immediately fled the scene.

Portland police stated that the victim was taken to the hospital, but an update on his recovery has yet to be given.

The 14-year-old currently resides in the Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Center. The police department continues to investigate the situation and court dates have yet to be released.