AMERICA—The Seattle Police Department made 16 arrests on Saturday, October 3, during a demonstration that left properties damaged in the region.

A group of protesters left the Cal Anderson Park area heading north shortly after 9 p.m., according to the SPD. As the group made its way through the streets, a few of the members were seen committing acts of vandalism and property damage.

As they neared East Olive Way, some began throwing explosives at a coffee shop, shattering part of the business’ windows. Seattle police officers responded to the incident and declared the protest an unlawful assembly. They issued a dispersal order, and officers began moving the crowd out of the area, police said. 

As the crowd began moving out of the East Olive Way area, an explosive was thrown at officers. The Seattle Police Department did not indicate whether any of the officers were hurt during the confrontation. 

Painted windows of damaged coffee shop. Photo courtesy of the Seattle Police Department.

“The group made its way back to Cal Anderson Park, at which point police blocked part of 11th Avenue for officers to process additional arrests,” the Seattle Police Department tweeted.

Sixteen arrests were “made for property destruction, assault, failure to disperse, and rendering criminal assistance.”

Earlier in the day, Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz issued a letter to the department to commend officers on the recent response work to a number of different incidents. 

“Thanks to the combined hard work of patrol officers and the newly-created Community Response Group, the demonstrations were handled,” said Chief Diaz.