HOLLYWOOD—The best in daytime television was unveiled at the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Sunday, April 29 at the famed Pasadena Civic Auditorium. It saddens me that this ceremony has been relegated to the back seat; it’s almost as the show no longer matters, even though a large majority of Americans watch Daytime TV, but it never gets the credit it deserves.

I mean to watch the ceremony you had to utilize the internet, via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope or the Daytime Emmy Awards website. However, I saw the best result via Periscope so go figure. Once again Sheryl Underwood from “The Talk” and Mario Lopez from “Extra” hosted the ceremony. However, last year the duo seemed much funnier, this year, they were a bit too subdued in my personal opinion, well at least Lopez was. I mean when you kick-off the ceremony without ANY laughs and point out you want to host a show where politics is not a topic of discussion, you lose have your audience there people. I mean Gloria Allred must have missed the memo as she immediately came out with a sign that read “Bill Cosby, Guilty, Guilty Guilty!” So what does that tell you?

FYI, focus is solely on the soap arena here, because I think that is what my readers are interested in. The first award of the night for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series went to Chloe Lanier for “General Hospital.” That was indeed a bit of a surprise for me, because I thought this was a race between Haley Erin “GH” and Reign Edwards “The Bold and the Beautiful.” In the race for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series I expected Casey Moss to win for “Days of Our Lives,” for delivering exceptional work, but it was a stunner to see Rome Flynn win for his work on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I’m sorry, but I am baffled by that win because Moss out of all the contenders was robbed, and I have to say that! For Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series the Emmy went to Vernee Watson “General Hospital.”

“Days of Our Lives” saw a ton of love at last, winning the prize for Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team, and I was surprised to learn that this used to be an individual prize. Good job on making the switch to acknowledge that directing is indeed a collaborative effort that requires many hands to deliver polished work to the viewers. Hilarious moment watching Underwood pay tribute to “General Hospital” recounting all of the madness and chaos that transpired over the course of the past year on the soap.

After a bit of a break from the acting awards to deliver prizes for Talk Show, Game Show Host, Culinary Host, the action return to highlighting those in the writing arena. The Emmy for Outstanding Drama Writing Team went to “Days of Our Lives.” Hmm, this might be a strong predictor as I pointed out last week that “Days of Our Lives” was a contender for Outstanding Drama Series people. The most competitive race of the evening, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series was a dogfight, but in the end it was Camryn Grimes for “The Young and the Restless” who took the prize. I predicted that if Marla Adams did not win the prize, that Grimes was the other contender who would be victorious in the race. Indeed an inspiring speech from the actress, who was near tears while accepting her prize on stage.

Greg Vaughn took home the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his work on “Days of Our Lives.” Man, I’m striking out a bit in these acting races, as I thought Anthony Montgomery was a shoo-in for his performance on “General Hospital.” I’ve noticed that the awards are being spread out evenly this year, and Underwood also had another moment when she highlighted all the drama that transpired on ‘Days of Our Lives” this past year, the woman sure knows her soaps.

Little bit of an issue, the Daytime Emmy Awards is clocking in longer than the Screen Actors Guild Awards, I mean it’s nearing 3 hours, and the prizes for Lead Actor and Lead Actress in a Drama Series have yet to be handed out! Well, the wait is over as the ladies of “The Bold and the Beautiful” delivered the Emmy for Lead Actor to James Reynolds for “Days of Our Lives.” I was right and it felt good for once to be spot on in a prediction!

Gotta say, and I didn’t expect to include this moment in my recap, but seeing the reaction of the ladies from the “The Real” for winning the Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host, was humbling and a moment that will be re-watched over and over and over again. Just pure classic.

Martha Byrne and Elizabeth Hubbard presented the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series to Eileen Davidson for “The Young and the Restless.” That was indeed another surprise America, because I really thought Maura West had that prize in the bag, but I’m still happy for Davidson who has indeed been a revelation the past year on “The Young and the Restless.” The night finally capped off at nearly 220 minutes with the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series being awarded to “Days of Our Lives.” I pegged it and happy to see it transpire, the soap has been really ramping up the narrative the past 12 months.

While, I’m happy to see the Daytime Emmy Awards still handed out, that ceremony was WAY TOO LONG, we’re talking like Grammy Awards long and considering it was not televised on the airwaves is even worse. Fingers crossed that whoever is producing the awards show finds a way in 2019 to condense the time frame and perhaps just allow Sheryl Underwood to host solo. I mean I barely even knew Mario was there people!