UNITED STATES—Diamond is by far one of the most expensive precious stones on the planet. Besides their sparkling beauty, immense value, one of the reasons why girls love diamonds is that it is a symbol of love. This is also why these expensive rocks are popularly used on engagement rings and other kinds of jewelry. 

Moreover, they are commonly referred to as ego-boosters that celebrities use to make a fashion statement wherever they go. 

When it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring, however, there are several pitfalls to steer clear of. Your ability to avoid these mistakes can have a good impact on your proposal or future relationship. 

Without further ado, here are the five worst mistakes you should avoid when choosing a dooming engagement ring. 

1. Not Considering the Right Shape 

The size and shape of the diamond will basically define your ring’s design. While there is no best shape per se, you want to pick a shape that matches your preferences and those of your partners. Many people prefer common yet professionally-cut diamond shapes like round brilliants, whereas others want something unique like oval, cushion, heart-shaped, or princess shape.  

These days, most people prefer purchasing loose diamond rings because the rock can be customized to your preferred shape and design. If you don’t want to ask your partner’s preferences, you can always use a friend or a relative for insights. 

2. Failing to Budget 

When choosing an engagement ring for your fiancée, the last thing you want to overlook is the budget. Like most other pieces of jewelry, different types of diamond rings cost differently depending on where you buy, the diamond quality, the level of customization needed, and so forth. 

Since you don’t want to buy an inferior product or spend on something you can’t afford, it is wise to conduct some research and have an approximate figure of all the costs. For instance, a highly expensive diamond ring may require insurance to protect it from theft, loss, or damage. 

3. Picking the Wrong Ring Size 

There’s absolutely no point investing in an expensive ring, only to find that it won’t fit your partner’s finger. It can be quite frustrating or embarrassing when your fiancée finds the ring is too large or too small for their finger as she’s about to say yes. Also, make sure the ring’s head isn’t too small or too large. Again, you can approach your partner or use a close friend to determine the exact measurements for a ring that would fit and suit your partner. 

4. Rushing Your Search 

Buying a diamond ring is not an overnight process. It requires many considerations to get everything right, and this means it takes a considerable amount of time. Many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong thing out of fear that it might be sold to someone else or it won’t be delivered on time for the proposal. 

For the best outcome, allocate enough time to search for the perfect engagement ring, which should be at least a few weeks before the day you intend to propose. Especially if you are ordering the ring online, give it a week more to confirm that indeed you received the right product in terms of design, size, shape, and everything else that matters. 

5. Not Inspecting the Diamond Carefully 

When looking for an engagement ring, it’s crucial to remember that every single diamond on the planet is unique and one-of-a-kind. This is why, before committing to the purchase, you should take a look at the diamond under magnification. 

This helps you confirm that you are satisfied with the quality when diamond ring shopping, especially when it comes to the clarity, color, and cut. Even diamonds with similar characteristics on paper might appear to be different in person, which is why it’s crucial to see the diamond in person or in a video. 

Including a girl’s best friend in an engagement ring can be an exciting endeavor. However, getting the perfecting ring for her is never always a walk in the park. Thankfully, the points above have shed some light on the mistakes to avoid when making your choice.