UNITED STATES—Absolutely everyone wants to travel. However, students often do not have enough money to visit different countries. In addition, students often do not have enough time to travel due to the endless stream of homework. Fortunately, assignment writing service https://writemyessayonline.com/do-my-assignment.html can help with your academic papers. In turn, our article or rather, the tips collected in it will help to travel the world at a low cost.

1. Travel to Countries where you Do Not Need a Visa

Visa-free travel is a green light for travel-addicted who are just waiting for great offers to fly somewhere. If you are among them, and the list of places you would like to visit is not limited to sightseeing Paris, beach Crete and wintering in Bali, we advise you to keep abreast. Low-cost airlines regularly have profitable flights to various points in Europe and the whole world.

2. Track Ticket Discounts

If you would like to visit Madrid, but tickets cost € 200, then why not visit, for example, Barcelona, if now you can buy tickets for € 133 there? At the same time, plan a visit to Madrid for next year and it will be cheaper by 60-70%. Another way to travel cheaply is to track flights not only to the main airport but also to nearby ones.

3. Save on Accommodation

Now the number of trips for the weekend or for several days has increased, especially in sightseeing cities. Typically, on such trips, travelers try to get the most out of their experience in a minimum of time, which is why they only come to hotels to spend the night. Is it worth it to book an expensive hotel in this case? We advise you to save money on accommodation and choose a simpler option: guesthouses and apartments are often cheaper than hotels, and in a hostel, you can find a double room no worse, but for much less money.

Example: a weekend in Budapest in September for two people.

The cost of 2 overnights in a 4 * hotel will cost you € 222 for a double room; this is the price with a 28% discount. And at the same time, for these dates, you can rent entire apartments for only € 70, which is three times cheaper!

4. Save on Food

To get acquainted with the national cuisine, you can choose a good restaurant, but in general, if you are traveling to an expensive place, it is better to immediately find out about inexpensive network cafes. Let’s say in Spain a dinner in an average restaurant will cost € 15-20 per one, and in Sweden or Norway, you will have to pay € 35-40 for this. Also, there are always supermarkets that can significantly help you to save on food, by the way, they often sell ready-made food.

5. Choose Low-Cost Excursions

It is one thing if you want to discover a new city by simply walking around it and enjoying the atmosphere, and another, if you have a whole list of sightseeing sites that you would like to visit. It makes sense to select several objects to start with and not try to go around all at once. The cost of entry to many large European museums can go up to € 20, for sure you will want to consider everything better for such money.

Always find out in advance about specific places that interest you: in many cities, there are museum days when you can visit an object for free. The same may apply to holiday dates and private promotions.


In popular tourist cities, there are the so-called City Cards, which help to save on transport, excursions, visiting attractions and other types of leisure.


Vienna City Card (red card) costs € 13.90 / € 21.90 / € 24.90 (for 24, 48 or 72 hours) and includes free metro, trams and buses and more than 210 discounts on all (from attractions to traditional establishments). For comparison: only a ticket for 1 journey in Vienna transport costs € 2.2. And Vienna City Card + Big Bus Vienna (red card) costs € 28 / € 31 / € 35 and includes more than 210 discounts, a guided city tour and a 1-day Hop On Hop Off tourist bus ticket. For comparison: only a 1-day ticket on a Hop On Hop Off bus costs € 25.
If this is your first time in the city, then find out about free tours (Free Walking Tours, which are often organized in popular cities). Usually, such a tour lasts 1-3 hours, during which you are told basic information about the city and taken to the main places; for the first acquaintance with the city, you can’t imagine anything better.

6. Think of Cheap Mobile Network

To call Uber, arrange a trip with a local guide, call and find out the work schedule of this or that place, call friends or relatives you require mobile communication and the Internet abroad. Of course, some tourists manage to solve all issues using the free Internet in the hotel, but it’s better not to limit yourself to this. Especially if an emergency happens, and you urgently need a connection, it is better to have the phone at hand than to frantically invent a way to call somewhere. Choose the method of communication abroad depending on where you are going to; you need to familiarize yourself with local tariffs, travel-sim tariffs and compare with your operator’s roaming to understand which is more profitable.

To Wrap up

Money is not the main thing for traveling, the main thing is desire. It is in your interest to make sure that you have everything you need during your trip: comfortable accommodation, communication, guides, vehicles, etc., and we told you how to have all this as cheaply as possible, more convenient and easier! We hope our tips will be useful to you.