UNITED STATES—Oh, social media how the times have changed before the invention of the internet where platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Tik Tok and so many others people conversed. We had times that we talked to people, we wrote letters, we engaged in conversation and we actually talked to people. That does not even seem to exist anymore because we are all glued to our phones and being immersed in social media focused on what everyone else is doing instead of focusing their energy on the here and now.

I can understand the fun of looking at one’s Twitter page or Facebook page or even Instagram and seeing someone post something fun or exciting, but that seems to be a dime a dozen in today’s climate. Social media has become the new forum for public opinions, hatred, ignorance and anything all about me. If you’re thinking what I can post on social media before you actually post anything on social media that is a problem America.

You are thinking what people will see, how they will respond to what you post and everything else in between. Social media is more toxic now than what it was when it first came to fruition. The goal was to connect people all over the planet, but in doing so it turned into a place where people would sit behind computers, spew venom, hide their true selves from the world and think that it is ok. I mean seriously, what type of person thinks it is ok to be wickedly evil and to NEVER see anything wrong with it.

You are spewing hate at someone and for what. I mean what does tearing another person down actually do for you. Look in the mirror; it makes you look worse than you can actually imagine. However for a bulk of Americans it is their right to voice their concerns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest.

Guess what people: it is NOT your right. There is nothing in the Constitution of America that says you have the right to have a social media platform. You have the right to Freedom of Speech, which means you can still voice how you feel, as long as it’s within the parameters of that private company.

People spend too much time on social media and that’s why so many celebrities and everyday Americans get in trouble. As soon as a news story breaks everyone has their hands on their phones, ready to tweet or post how they feel about a particular issue without actually thinking about what they’re typing or writing before they click send.

You are too caught up in the moment and being caught up in that moment is what leads to so many people making stupid, reprehensible and costly mistakes that some never recover from. You become cancelled because of something you said, you try to apologize, but the apology falls on deaf ears because 9/10 times you’re apologizing NOT because you’re regretful of your actions, but because it’s impacting your career and public persona in a way that you never expected.

Social media has strong upside, but the negative backlash can be so wicked some never recover from it and that sucks to say the least people. So if you don’t think you’re spending so much time on social media, ask yourself how many hours a day you are surfing the net, how often are you posting, is there are time where you live for the here and now and not worry about projecting an image that may not be a true assertion of who you truly are? If you realize you’re spending too much time, then guess what: you’re spending too much time.

Written By Zoe Mitchell