HOLLYWOOD—The villains are coming out to play on “The Bold and the Beautiful” people. First, the wicked Sheila returned to the canvas for Finn and Steffy’s wedding and has been a thorn in the couple’s side ever since. Now we have the return of a character that had his share of mischief, in Deacon Sharpe, Hope’s father. Deacon is not a fan of many people in Los Angeles particularly Brooke and Liam.

Like I said before, Liam is the last person to call anyone’s father a criminal, thug or bad influence, just look in the mirror at Bill Spencer. The guy has committed more crimes than I can count. He has ONLY gotten away with them because he has money and had (key word is ‘had’) Justin as a loyal ally. So when you have people like Liam pointing fingers it just reminds you annoying that character is when his father covered up a crime and thanks to a stupid plotline managed to come out unscathed people.

Deacon extended multiple olive branches to his daughter, but has been shut down each time, so much to the point, that his frustration boiled and Sheila placed a bug into his ear that they should work together to bring down the Forrester family and get the opportunity to bond with their children. This is a dangerous partnership: two villains aligning to take down people who consider themselves martyrs? I mean I wonder how Quinn will feel to see Deacon back in her orbit. This is the same woman who threw him off a cliff to his presumed death. If Eric thinks she can reform after all the crap she has pulled, why can’t Sheila and Deacon?

We talked about Bill Spencer earlier, and it looks like his love affair with Katie might officially be over. How so? I mean he cheated on her not once, not twice, but three times America. Three strikes and you’re out and it looks like Katie has officially shut that door and has no plans to reopen it. Bill on the other hand, thinks he still has a shot and is not giving up, even enlisting the help of Brooke and Ridge. Ridge is no fan of this guy, so I know he might be helping to please his wife, but perhaps he has an ulterior motive in play.

Quinn has officially severed ties with Carter, in hopes of being truly faithful to Eric (her husband) after he asked him to cut Carter off completely. Damn, Carter has been dealt some epic heartbreak in the past year, first Zoe and now Quinn. He is licking his wounds, but in comes Katie? Whoa, are the writers seriously looking at a Katie and Carter pairing? The signs are there, but we’ll have to wait and see America. In other relationship news, Thomas might have a new obsession people in Paris, his cousin Zende’s girlfriend.

Thomas was sure he had a house in play, but that deal fell apart just as he offered his apartment to Paris. So now Thomas and Paris are roommates and he has a fond attraction for her. Zende doesn’t seem jealous, but he does, but where this situation goes will be intriguing considering Zende and Paris took their relationship to the next level this week. Zende is all in, Paris seems to be as well, but with Thomas ready to pounce something will indeed transpire soon people.

Another romance that is being teased is a possible Hope and Finn pairing. The two have a lot in common with their criminal parents and they are bonding people. That is how it always starts and with Liam and Steffy so adamant that they stay away from their respective parents. I swear if we see another Steffy and Liam romance I’m done with “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Damn, how many times do we need to see this circle romance; its tiring and old at this point people.