BEVERLY HILLS —Gary Imhoff is an actor, director, producer and acting teacher, who I became acquainted with when he starred on my friend Jane Wyman’s series “Falcon Crest” on CBS in the 1980s. I recently became aware of his immense talent and charm when we met at the opening of “45 Minutes From Broadway,” the most enchanting and hilarious play in the past decade. Imhoff is one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood. Though he’s currently the director of Henry Jaglom’s amazing play “45 Minutes From Broadway” at the Edgemar Theatre in Santa Monica.

This is Imhoff’s second time at the helm of one of Henry Jaglom’s plays. He previously directed “Always, But Not Forever,” a play Mr. Jaglom wrote from his film of the same title. Gary is currently co-writing two feature films which he will also direct. They are “Scottish Dreams” and “Wildflower.” Both are highly anticipated by Hollywood insiders and critics. There’s great buzz around both projects.
He recently played the lead in a Broadway bound musical, “Artaria,” which was written by Raven Kane and Judy Norton. He’s also starred in the West Coast premiere of Stephen Sondheim’s “Assassins,” and in the premiere of the long-running hit, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.” Imhoff’s incredible and exhaustive theater background and resume are far too extensive to list, but so are his TV appearances.

Gary Imhoff’s mastered directing as well as he has acting. His direction has propelled stars like Tanna Frederick, Harriet Schock, David Garver and Julie Davis to masterful performances in “45 Minutes From Broadway” and given freedom to veterans like David Proval to showcase the great things about acting on stage and performing in front of a live audience. When asked by his cast and crew what they like most about Gary, it’s a resounding, “he’s expressive, he’s open, he listens and he gives direction better than anyone else could.” This comes as no surprise to Imhoff who admits being an actor makes him listen to everyone’s opinion before doing the hard job of directing and making the final cut and decisions. After three decades in the business, Imhoff has become an expert at many things, but he prides himself on being an actor’s director when that hat is needed.

Imhoff’s writing skills also came in handy for this play. “I wrote most of the first act of ”˜45 Minutes’ and I wanted to incorporate the family around the table with movement in the kitchen and areas surrounding that focal point,” said the director. Imhoff continued, “I love the theatre and we have some great people with rich backgrounds in instructing and teaching acting as well.” They include but are not limited to David Proval and Jack Heller. With a stable and talented ensemble of actors, a solid story that is hilarious and timely, thanks to Henry Jaglom and the kind of passion Gary Imhoff feels for the theater, “45 Minutes From Broadway” will continue it’s ascent to further greatness on the L.A. Theatre scene.

In addition to the plethora of quality work Gary Imhoff is known for, he also teaches at The Professional Artists Workshop and The Musical Artists Workshop in Los Angeles. In the past he’s also taught at Milton Katselas’ Beverly Hills Playhouse.