HOLLYWOOD—I said, I totally said the writers were pushing the narrative of Sharon and Adam cheating on their respective lovers (Rey and Chelsea). That confirmation was given when Faith received a text with a photo of Adam and Sharon sharing a smooch. Yeah, not good people, and Faith lost it when she saw the picture. Why? It only furthered the chaos she has been dealing with involving the bullying at school. Sharon was a bit stunned to see the picture, but that was ONLY heightened when Rey and then Chelsea learned about the smooch.

Talk about a complicated love triangle America because that is exactly what we’re dealing with right now. Rey is furious, Chelsea is mad as hell, and Sharon and Adam are doing major damage control. I mean it would totally suck if Sharon and Rey’s marriage crumbled to pieces literally just after getting married. This sucks in so many ways for Rey whose first marriage crumbled as a result of cheating and it appears his second marriage is about to suffer the same fate.

Chelsea is slowly, but surely regaining her motor skills and someone has learned about what she has been up to. That person is her bestie Chloe. So will Chloe help Chelsea plot her plan of revenge on Adam? Um, why the hell wouldn’t she. Chloe has only been warning her BFF about Adam for years and she now has verifiable proof that Sharon has ALWAYS been the one for Adam. There were just distractions in the past that have prevented them from reuniting after Adam twisted role in stealing Sharon’s baby aka Faith and trying to pass it off as someone else’s child.

I am eager to see what this means for Chelsea and Rey if Adam and Sharon do indeed reunite. I mean there are plenty of people in Genoa City who will NOT be happy, Nick Newman being one of them. He is starting to already butt his nose into the mix because Nick hasn’t had a decent storyline in months if we’re being honest, so the writers have to give him something to do America.

On that note, Abby is working on finding the perfect donor to conceive now that Chance is out of the picture and it looks like things might be pointing in the direction of Devon Winters people. Yes, it was an odd turn of events, but the hints were there, and Devon delivered his proposal to Abby, Nina and Mariah that he is willing to be Abby’s donor. That is indeed ballsy and raises the big question: how will Amanda feel about that? Better yet, how will Elena feel about that?

I mean Elena and Devon have been good at hiding their tryst from everyone, but Amanda of all people has picked up on the odd energy between the two. So imagine her shock when she learns Devon and Elena have hooked up behind her back. She will not be happy people. Do we really have to talk about the Billy, Lily and Victoria love triangle cause Billy has fallen hard for Lily and it’s time for Vicky to move on people.

Now, let’s get back to the hot tale of the hour: Kyle might be a daddy. Yeah, Theo dropping that bomb shook Kyle to the core. Sally has armed herself with some damaging Intel as Summer and Kyle are currently on eggshells. Cue the arrival of Bill Spencer to town as another possible hiccup for Sally. Bill made veiled threats and so did Sally. With that said, Phyllis has made it a mission of hers to take down Sally. Maybe it’s the fact that Sally is a younger version of Phyllis. At first I never thought about it, but it became clearer this week, Sally is Phyllis in the flesh and Red does not like what she is seeing.

This is only further causing stress for Kyle who is wondering if Tara Locke’s son is actually his and what would transpire if the truth about his affair with Ashland Locke comes to light. I mean a brutal businessman. Hmm, sounds like Victor Newman, hell, he sounds worse if we’re being honest. This is eating away at Kyle, who still hasn’t told Summer that he might have a child out there. At least he did get the secret off his chest to Mariah, who warned her pal that keeping such a secret can destroy a relationship into a million pieces people.

Kyle has ‘problem’ written all over his face, but it seems not many people are realizing this young man has some major personal issues eating away at his soul. I know we’ll see Tara Locke in the flesh soon, but I’m more eager to meet this Ashland Locke. Who is this ruthless businessman and does he have any other ties to Genoa City besides the drama involving Kyle? Well with Victor Newman purchasing a business from this Locke, it seems like we will see this guy sooner than later. We shall see “Y&R” fans!