AMERICA—On Saturday, August 22, Adam Haner reacted to the Portland protesters who beat him about a week ago.

According to the account of the police, witnesses, and the media footage about the incident, Haner was left bleeding and unconscious in the street after the attack had taken place on Sunday, August 16. He told KATU that he believes he was attacked because he was white. His exact words were: “I wasn’t the enemy, I’ll tell you that. I was just the guy standing there, and I was white, evidently.” He also mentioned that he has marched for BLM protests before in a statement he gave to KATU: “I was for that. I’ve had cops beat me up before. I was for their cause.”

Video footage by Drew Hernandez (credits to YouTube)

One of the men who beat Haner is Marquise Love, 25, who turned himself into the police on Friday. He was charged with assault, riot and coercion and directed to the Multnomah County Detention Center, as revealed in a press release by the Portland Police Bureau. The viral video of the physical assault in Portland was released by Drew Hernandez on Wednesday, through his Youtube channel Lives Matter. The video initially shows a transgender women, whose identity still remains unknown, getting mobbed by a group of men outside of 7-Eleven. Haner arrived at the scene with his girlfriend, Tammie Martin, in a white Ford truck. He got out of the truck to help the transgender woman who was being harassed and attempted to intervene multiple times by standing between the woman and the attackers.

Marquise Love (credits to

After the group of men got away from the woman, Haner returned to his truck, and revved the engine forward. But he was then confronted by the same group of men who pulled the doors of his truck, and caused it to crash at a sidewalk in the intersection of Southwest Taylor Street and Broadway. As Haner got out of his vehicle again, one man threw him to the ground, while Love started punching and kicking Haner in the face until he fell unconscious. Other video footage shows paramedics collecting Haner, who had a bleeding head.

The Portland police reportedly got a call about the car crash at around 10:27 p.m. according to the press release by the Portland Police Bureau. The protesters who attacked Haner allege that they beat him because he had tried to run them over with his truck. Haner, however, argues that he never targeted the protesters. Haner is currently in a local hospital in Portland, recovering from the injuries he sustained in the attack.