HOLLYWOOD─I called it, I totally called it when I said this notion that Victor Newman was guilty of a murder that Adam was certain would punch his ticket to control the family empire was a complete ruse on “The Young and the Restless.” Well, it was all done in the name of fatherly love. Yup, Adam was responsible for the murder of his childhood friend’s father, and Victor covered up the crime to protect his son.

Yeah, the amount of egg on Adam’s and Chelsea’s face was glorious TV. There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing a character receive his or her comeuppance people. Now, we cannot fully make the argument that Adam has received his comeuppance because it hasn’t transpired just yet. What does the audience know? Adam did indeed murder AJ per Victor in an effort to his mother Hope. So if there is one silver lining in all this madness, it’s that the murder was the result of self-defense.

Victor explained all the dirty details to Adam, who was incredulous to what he was hearing. He was certain dear ole dad was blowing smoke up his alley. With that said, Victoria was on cloud nine. I hate to even say this, but Victoria Newman is MORE like her father than Adam, Abby or Nick combined. She is viperous, vindictive and just downright calculating when it comes to get her hands on the family empire. I’m serious; I would love to know what is it about Newman Enterprises where almost everyone except Nicholas Newman himself wants a piece of?

Is the company that great or are the perks so exceptional that one has to see it to believe it. Victor showed a massive amount of uncertainty because he wants to protect Adam. While the guy is a total jack***, Adam is Victor son, so any parent will do all in their power to protect their children no matter how old they are. Victor lashed out at Nikki for telling Victoria what happened in Kansas all those years ago, because it turned a devastating secret into something that can shatter a ton of lives and I mean a ton of lives. Stay tuned to see how things play out.

With that said, the only other tale worth discussion in Genoa City is the reunion of Phyllis and Nick. Yes, the two are now an item, but the question now remains how long will it last? Will Phyllis do something to blow up the relationship as she has done multiple times in the past? She is still livid about Abby’s latest stunt involving her flash drive not to mention being screwed over The Grand Phoenix Hotel. With that said, Jack gave Phyllis a potential idea, and we all know once Phyllis gets an idea it’s nearly impossible to stop her people.

Speaking of Jack, he was forced to deliver the hammer on Theo who was fired from Jabot after stealing an idea Jack utilized years ago for the company. Yes, Summer and Kyle’s plan worked with perfection. However, it was Kyle who had a heart not summer. He felt bad for his cousin and former pal. So could this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Kyle and Theo? It certainly looks like it.

The viewer should not feel too bad for Theo though, as Lily and Billy’s new partnership seems like a prime opportunity for Theo as the new team is looking to reach a younger demographic. So if that holds true, he just have to give his pitch, his only problem is Billy who might be skeptical if he discovers that Theo has a history of plagiarism, which Summer or Kyle might use against him if they see him as a threat people. However, these cousins should just find a way to co-exist if I’m being honest. The Jabot family drama is just as worst as the Newman family drama.