HOLLYWOOD—I pegged this quite some time ago, and the fact that it has actually manifested right in front of my eyes really confirms I need to work on creating my own soap opera America. Reese confessed to Flo that he swapped a stillborn baby with Hope’s child. Yes, the secret that EVERYONE knew is out in the open: baby Beth is very much alive.

Now, that Flo knows that information the question is rather she will blab the truth to the Forrester and Logan clan so they can piece the puzzle together? It does not seem likely because she is more concerned with getting that payday, and she has a soft spot for Reese. Yeah, he spilled the truth about his daughter being threatened and he did what he did to gain the money to save her life.

Reese, you might be attempting to be the hero, but you’re going to go down in flames when your scheme is exposed. You’re causing a lot of heartache to people and you’re about to make some enemies who you don’t want to tangle with. Steffy is being persuaded by Taylor to move forward with her adoption plans, but she is getting pushback from Wyatt and Hope of course. Look, why is Wyatt even still on the show. It feels like the writers cannot find a storyline for his character, and it’s been like that for quite some time. He just pops in and out and doesn’t contribute much. For the love of everything, give the character something to do.

Steffy is hell bent on ensuring that Kelly has a baby sister, and like I said it will be interesting to see how this custody battle plays out. It should be obvious that Steffy return the child to Hope and Liam. I feel like I’ve seen this story before, so unless a twist is being delivered to the audience, we know what is going to happen. And if I have to be honest, the constant sobbing by Hope is annoying me to the core. The goal is to want the viewer to sympathize with the characters, but at this point I’m just over it. I mean she flipped on Sally about the puppy and it was just strange to watch those scenes. I don’t think I can take another week of watching Hope sob and whine.

There seems to be trouble in paradise with Thorne and Katie. He sees she’s getting close to Bill yet again, and fans in the soap arena are well aware that Thorne’s portrayer Ingo Rademacher is leaving the role. Jeez, just when you think the writers have finally given the character something to do, it dissipates. I swear I do NOT want to see round three between Bill and Katie. We’ve already seen it twice, and the third time will not be a charm if you ask me.  “B&B” needs some life jolted into it. February sweeps are dawning and I don’t see much chaos happening with this adoption storyline that is going to leave fans wanting more, but I could be wrong.