UNITED STATES—I love the fall season for three reasons: fall weather, football and apples. People who know me are well aware I’m not that big of an apple person unless I’m juicing. Even then I’m not someone who grabs an apple right away. However, when fall is ushered in you run into a situation of the variety of apples that all have unique tastes and colors. I love a Golden Delicious or Granny Smith apple, the classic red apple I can do without. Love a good Honey Crisp apple, and Northern Spy apples are great when it comes to baking an apple pie or making a solid apple crisp people.

It’s not just about eating apples that are important for the fall season; it’s the notion of going to the cider mill people. Being able to pick apples with family is always a joy, and you get the opportunity to pick out pumpkins to carve for Halloween. I mean who doesn’t love Halloween; it is honestly my favorite or at least second favorite holiday of the season people. All things spooky, the rainy season seems to usher in various parts of the country, you have pumpkin carving, all things pumpkin, pumpkin spice, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin in almost everything people.

You have costume dressing, you have your favorite horror movie marathons, I mean I can keep going people, but I think it speaks for itself people. That’s just our discussion on apples, pumpkins and Halloween people. Furthermore, you have sports back in full effect, particularly football. There are so many people that are all over the NFL and I honestly could care less. Do I watch the games from time to time, but there are nothing compared to watching college football on Saturday. I just feel that drive and motivation from the collegiate athletes fighting for a chance to be seen.

There is more fight, a bit more realism and intrigue and excitement that comes with college football that I am sorry I’ve never seen in the NFL. The professional players have already made it. Do you honestly think they care if they win or lose a game? No, they’re getting paid, but with college that is not the case people. They’re fighting to make it to the pros and one loss or two losses can be the end of the season for many collegiate programs because it is so much harder to make it to the playoffs with so many teams being undefeated or just juggernauts on the field.

Tailgating, football, athletic gear, family and friends, what more can you ask for the weekend if you have it off; that’s it there is nothing else you can ask for. However, perhaps my favorite part of the fall is the weather. You get the opportunity to switch up your clothing. Fall tends to usher in those colder temperatures. You can pull out the jeans, the sweats, the hoodies, the sweaters, the fall jackets, and a host of other items and showcase your wardrobe to the public.

You really cannot do that much in the summer if we’re being honest, so throwing the shorts and summer attire away and pulling out all that fall clothing is such a treat. Let me just say I’ve had a ton of clothing that I purchase within the last year that has just been waiting to be worn and the fact that I can now do it puts a helluva smile on my face. Fall just is the perfect time of the year because there is so much to do, the weather is great, football is here and then you have a host of holidays that allows for plenty of family bonding people. What more could you ask for?

Written By Jason Jones