HOLLYWOOD—Once again the race is on for holiday shopping. Why can’t we enjoy one holiday at a time. It seems that people skip over Thanksgiving and go right from Halloween to Christmas. It’s that time again to load up your cart and make it across the finish line. Bargain-hunters venture out looking for great deals from Ipads to flat-screens to the new Iphone6S.

Consumers continue to buy and charge their credit cards, creating even more debt. Some stores continue to interrupt family dinners in an attempt to lure consumers with bargains on (Grey Thursday) Thanksgiving Day. Hard-core shoppers each and every year will clip their coupons, throw on their sneakers and brave the crowds. Everyone knows that the hunt for bargains can turn the polite, best intentioned individual into a Black Friday savage.

Absolutely, no excuse for this unacceptable, rude behavior. Those who do plan on shopping whether in person or online will join the throng of millions looking for sales and markdowns. While, Thanksgiving may be full of feasts and festivities, it is important to remember the true meaning of the holiday. It’s about gratitude, and being thankful. It’s a day for everyone to reflect upon themselves and count their blessings. We all worry about so many things on a daily basis and let obstacles and small difficulties in life consume us with worry. It’s a day to reflect on everything we have in life. Having gratitude not ony shows appreciation, but will help us become happier, more satisfied, healthier, and make us better people.

One person that is full of gratitude is actress Cate Blanchett. Miss Blanchett was honored on November 17, at the Museum of Modern Art’s eight annual film benefit, which raises funds so that important cinematic works can join the museum’s collection. She is so humble and full of gratitude that she said, her own efforts “feel very insignificant” in view of what’s happening in the world. Accepting an honor for her film work, she made reference to the recent attacks in Paris and Beirut.

She is generating serious awards buzz for the two current movies. One is “Truth,” in which Blanchett plays the real-life role of CBS producer Mary Mapes, whose career ended following her report about George W. Bush’s National Guard service. The second is “Carol,” adapted from the Patricia Highsmith novel, in which she plays a woman involved in a 1950s romance with another woman. A love story between two humans.

You may remember Cate Blanchett’s superb performance in “Blue Jasmine,” which won her an Oscar. The film tells the story of a rich Manhattan socialite (played by Cate Blanchett) who falls into hard times and has to move into her sister’s apartment in San Francisco. The film reflects on the life she has lost and yet tries to start a new one, but she is constantly sabotaged by her disdain for her sister’s social world.

The film was directed by the reclusive Woody Allen. While the character shows us her insecurities and her disdain for the lower class society. It teaches us once we start being dishonest and embellish the truth, karma will come back to haunt us. I must add, that Jasmine (Blanchett) did not rest on her laurels and she did seek work, even though she thought it was beneath her. You can’t help but enjoy her character, she did not stagnate and wanted to evolve, she didn’t wait around for hand-outs.

Her situation improves when she meets a wealthy widower, Dwight (Peter Sarsgaard), at a party. Her chance for happiness or a better life become diminished when she lies to Dwight abut her past life, telling him that her husband was a surgeon who died of a heart attack. Her dreams were shattered when she bumped into her ex-brother-in-law and confronts them both about what Jasmine and her husband did to him. Dwight is outraged about Jasmine’s dishonesty and calls off the engagement. Once again, the truth will set you free.

She is also tapped for the Desert Palm Achievemnet Award for actresses at the Palm Springs International Film Festival at the January 2, 2016 awards gala. Blanchett is one of the most outstanding actresses of her generation, delivering extraordinary performances in such films as “The Aviator,” “Blue Jasmine,” “Truth, ” and “Carol.” The 27th annual Palm Springs Internatinal Film Festival runs January 1-11.

Rose’s Scoop: For the first time in over a decade, Bruce Springsteen will take to the “Saturday Night Live” stage. Springsteen and the E Street Band wil be the NBC program’s musical guest on December 19. The night’s guest hosts will be Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, another rarity.

Wishing Everyone a Happy, Safe Thanksgiving!