HOLLYWOOD—Oh, I have absolutely adored the latest season of “American Horror Story: Apocalypse.” The series has delivered week after week, and with only 10 episodes, the finale culminated on Wednesday night in epic fashion. For starters, there have only been maybe 1 or 2 episodes I wasn’t too fond of (particularly episode 8) which seemed pointless. I don’t know why series do this, but sometimes you don’t need additional episodes for the sake of needing them.

However, this season finale, where the battle between the warlocks, witches and the Anti-Christ was stellar! People died, blood was shed and twists turned in ways that you never expected. This season has been so much fun, it reminded me of last season’s “Cult” which I absolutely adored because the previous seasons were lackluster or just a bit much for my taking. Cody Fern has been phenomenal as the Antichrist; he’s evil, but there is a level of charm to his villainy that is fun to watch. Sarah Paulson, the woman is a fierce actress and she has not failed to deliver riveting characters season after season on this anthology. Emma Roberts is a hoot at Madison, she is sassy and knows what’s coming before it actually comes. The writing for this character is near perfection.

Cordelia and the rest of the witches were believed to have met their demise, but little did Michael Langdon realize that Mallory would prove to be the foe he never expected. I love Billie Lourd in this role, whereas last season the actress got her feet wet in “Cult,” she was really able to make this character her own and to see the character grow as the season progressed and it was an absolute treat to say the least. Cordelia might be the Supreme, but it has been evident all season long that Mallory would soon takeover that realm in epic fashion.

Learning of Dinah’s betrayal, Cordelia, Myrtle and Madison bury themselves in the swap to survive the nuclear blast, just as they hide Coco and Mallory from Langdon who is planning his onslaught on the Coven of witches. As a viewer, I was stunned to see the return of Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau. I mean audiences were told Bassett wasn’t returning for the season, so imagine the surprise to see the character in the flesh and she delivered a hell of a blindside by viciously taking out Dinah for her betrayal against the witches and I was living for every moment of it.

It was a hell of a battle where favs met their maker and a few twists were delivered along the way before Mallory, the new Supreme traveled back in time to eliminate Michael Langdon before he could fulfill his destiny. Cordelia and Marie sacrificed themselves for the greater good, just as Mallory revisited Murder House to take out her foe in gruesome fashion, with a car of all instruments. Did I expect the Antichrist to meet his demise in a grandeur fashion? Of course, but he is indeed the Antichrist, so there is only so many ways to take out the ultimate evil.

I know so many people who have been torn on this latest season, but I loved every minute of it. It was just as compelling and fun as “Cult” with a few out there moments, but this is TV, you have to find a way to surprise the audience to keep their attention to say the least. After two amazing seasons (in my personal opinion), I wonder where the anthology series is headed next for season 9.