WASHINGTON D.C.—Now that the election cycle is coming around again, politicians on the left are talking about green technology again. The problem with every solution to the problems we face is that we never hear about these solutions until there is an election. The Republican Party has a secret weapon that they claim will help boost the nation’s economy again, and get things back on track. The problem is, so far, they haven’t shared their secret with the voters and yet, we are suppose to vote for them.

The Democratic Party claims that green energy and industry are the wave of the future and can revive our sluggish economy. Why wasn’t this the first measure on the table when the president took office? Perhaps re-energizing the economy would have made the public less wary of the trillion-dollar healthcare bill that we cannot afford.

The problems our nation faces are caused by politicians. The spending and special pet-projects that all Congressmen promise to their constituents back home overwhelm our common sense and our tax dollars. Despite the cries of the Tea Party and others, when it comes to our own congressman bringing home the bacon, none of us refuse the aid our communities receive from the U.S. taxpayers.

When Americans start to hold their own elected leaders accountable, and accept that we will receive fewer government services in the future, we may have fewer trash pickups, older water treatment facilities and a few more potholes on our local highways, perhaps then Washington politicians will realize the seriousness of creating new entitlements and spending on projects that are not necessary or essential to our lives.

My fear is if the Republicans take over the House of Representatives and possibly the U.S. Senate, that the normally partisan citizenry will simply fall back into complacency and not realize that no matter who wins the upcoming midterm elections, we must take our fiscal health seriously. We have no choice but to demand our government cut back spending, and that includes each and every one of us expecting less, not the same and certainly not more. That’s the fiscal policy the previous Administration promised us and we see where that led.

When President George Walker Bush took office in 2000, the federal government had projected billion-dollar surpluses that would have occurred had Congress continued on the path of fiscal conservancy, but we know how that all changed. A Republican president created Medicare Prescription for seniors to win votes for his party and the very same people who now are screaming about spending, only frowned and ignored that entitlement which the president signed into law. Hopefully this time, it will be different, though I have my doubts.

Americans are going to have to elect serious leaders who tell us the truth, stick to their promises, and then we have to expect less services and entitlements from the government if we are demanding less taxes, not more services for less money.

Pray for our troops who remain in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting the terrorists. Please remember their families here at home as the holiday season approaches.

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