WOODLAND HILLS—The Ady Gil World Conservation filed a lawsuit on Friday, August 21 against the Los Angeles Animal Services, wanting to reopen two other animal shelters to help alleviate their overflow.

The nonprofit in Woodland Hills stated in the lawsuit that they have been “overburdened” and “overrun” by the stray animal populations due to other shelters being forced to remain closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Two shelters, West Valley and North Central Animal Services Centers, have been closed since April 13 after Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement:

“In order to continue providing excellent care for our City’s animals during the COVID-19 crisis and safety precautions for our employees, beginning on Monday, April 13th, the LA Animal Services department (LAAS) will close its West Valley and North Central Animal Services Centers. The animals in these two centers will be moved to one of the four that will remain open: East Valley, Harbor, Chesterfield Square, and West Los Angeles.”

Founder and Director of the nonprofit, Ady Gil said, “I cannot cover for the West Valley shelter. We have a limit on how many animals we can have — and you don’t want to overcrowd a rescue.”

The suit further alleges that the select few shelters still operating have turned down the acceptance of strays, violating city guidelines. LAAS has yet to respond in regards to the lawsuit.