VENICE—The Los Angeles Police Department begins to crack down on the homeless population as the reports for camping on beaches soars on August 22.

The LAPD reported to KCAL 9 they witnessed 30 tents set up on Venice Beach, and proceeded to tell all occupants they had to relocate. The homeless population in Venice has grown to exceed 1,000 and has been a problem in the past.

In April 2019, Mark Ryavec, president of the Venice Stakeholders Association, raised money to sue and stop plans to build a 154-bed shelter in a beachside neighborhood. The suit alleged that the building of the shelter in that area would “act as a magnet for homeless individuals and encampments,” and decrease the level of safety for residents.

Regardless on being homeless or not, Los Angeles County has certain beach rules that were violated Saturday. Per the regulations, no tents, overnight camping or overnight sleeping are allowed, as well as no loitering between midnight and 6 a.m.

Other rules prohibit acts of creating fires and disturbances. The LAPD reported that along with cracking down on the tents set up on the beach, they will also be enforcing it on the boardwalk and grassy areas surrounding the beach.

Several shelters remain open amid the pandemic, including St. Joseph Center Homeless Services And Meals and The People Concern Access Center. Other shelters can be found through the Homeless Shelter Directory.